Gonser Ducks Meeting about his “Good News” Trail

Supervisor Gonser scheduled a July 31 private meeting with the Road Commission of Oakland County about the Orion Road Bridge Pedestrian Crossing  and his “Good News” trail that will connect with it. Two trustees then forced it to be a public,  open special meeting of the Board of Trustees.   Today Gonser emailed the Board saying that he had been called away to a different meeting and couldn’t attend Wednesday’s Board meeting.   He also said the Road Commission people would not attend as previously planned.

Trustee Judy Keyes called the Road Commission and said that the Trustees and the public had questions and information to discuss.  So, at this time, it is planned that the meeting will go on and Tom Blust, Director of Engineering for the Road Commission will be there to gather and share information.

I expect it will be an informative meeting and I hope to see many of you there.

Here is the Meeting notice.    2013_07_31 Special Meeting Notice

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