Newly Appointed Zoning Board Member “FOIA’s” Township Board Member

On August 13, John Markel was appointed as one of two new Zoning Board of Appeals members for Oakland Township.  He was Supervisor Gonser’s recommendation. The vote was 6 to 1 by our Township Board.  The one Township Board member that did not support his nomination, Judy Keyes, indicated she was against his nomination because she received input from citizens concerned about the content and tone of several of Mr. Markel’s  posts on the “Oakland Township-Lake Orion Patch” website.  The DAY AFTER HIS APPOINTMENT, the Markel’s submitted a Freedom of Information request asking for copies of any communications Judy Keyes received regarding his nomination.  I believe there are legal issues with one member of a community’s leadership FOIA’ing another member of the leadership.  Mr Markel’s behavior clearly demonstrates how he will act as a new Board member, and also places into question Supervisor Gonser’s judgement in recommending his appointment.

RIchard Michalski

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