What Has Agenda 21 To Do w Oakland Twp.?

August 13, 2013:

I asked the Oakland Township Board of Trustees “What does Agenda 21 have to do with Oakland Township?” because  Township Supervisor Gonser had told the Trustees in an email that Planning Commissioners should have an knowlege of Agenda 21.  He had also asked MI State Representative Tom McMillan to introduce legislation aimed at stopping the spread of agenda 21 initiatives.  I may not be not anyone’s idea of an orator but I want to get people to think about this absurdity.

Jim Foulkrod

Aug. 13 2013:

2 thoughts on “What Has Agenda 21 To Do w Oakland Twp.?

  1. sisupakk@ameritech.net

    Great to hear the voice of the people (and an experienced one) before the Township Board of Oakland Township. Great work Jim and Dick Michalski

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