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Oakland Township pays Supervisor Gonser’s ‘personal’ legal fee!

Earlier this year, Supervisor Gonser tried to obtain an opinion from the Michigan Attorney General regarding the need for the referendum on the Blossom Ridge Development issue.  

Supervisor Gonser did not have the Board’s approval to obtain that opinion.  At the April 15th Board meeting Supervisor Gonser was questioned on the authority for sending that request.  He indicated that he had sent the letter “as an individual”.

However, on September 10, Trustee Keyes pointed out that the Township had been charged for the legal services for Supervisor Gonser’s letter.  Our Township Attorney provided those services to Supervisor Gonser.

The author of this post requested that Supervisor Gonser repay the Township the $1,693 for his legal fee.  Supervisor Gonser’s response was:


Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  The Township should not be responsible for legal expenses for any Trustee who is pursuing an issue “as an individual”.

This is  especially true given the misrepresentation that Supervisor Gonser made regarding the earlier request for an Attorney General opinion.

Please click on the following link to learn more about Supervisor Gonser’s attempts at obtaining an Attorney General opinion:


Do you think the Township should pay his legal fees?

Richard Michalski