Daily Archives: November 3, 2013

Denial of Service Attacks Aimed at This Site?

Since Oct. 30th it seems that someone has been making futile attempts to do some harm to this site.  Maybe we made someone afraid on Oct. 28th when we added a hit counter to the site showing that this site had more than 14,000 page views.  Soon after that, our site statistics began going through the roof as a program started coming here and rapidly change from one page to another faster than once per second.  It has no effect on this site. But, the corporation that owns the servers that host this and 72 million other sites may not have a sense of humor.  I have contacted them and they are following up.

Ineffectual or not, this nuisance behavior may be properly classified a “denial of service attack”.

In the US, denial-of-service attacks may be considered a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act with penalties that include years of imprisonment.

So, again in these pages, it is necessary to inform someone of the legal consequences of their behavior.

Jim Foulkrod