IMPORTANT Board Meeting – Thursday, Nov. 7th, 7pm

ATTENTION : This Thursday there will be a special meeting of the Board of Trustees. Their agenda deals with three of the most important issues facing the Township: Agenda 2013_11_07 BOT Special Meeting

  1. The Supervisor’s recommendation on Blossom Ridge
  2. Supervisor/Superintendent duties
  3. Appointment of a new Trustee to replace Judy Keyes

1. Supervisor Gonser’s recommendation is to turn down the Special Accommodation Use Application that would allow Blossom Ridge to be built.  Read his recommendation here: 2013_11_07 Supervisor Recommendation.

2. The Board will discuss which statutory duties should be given to Supervisor Gonser and which duties should be the responsibility of the professional municipal manager who is yet to be hired to fill the vacant Superintendent position.  Here is our current ordinance which defines the duties of the Superintendent position: Superintendent Ordinance 97.

3. Nine people have submitted applications to fill the vacant Trustee position:

  • Dominic Abbate
  • Robin Buxar
  • Jack Elder
  • Jim Foulkrod
  • Tony J Gallo
  • Keith Hahn
  • Adam Moore
  • Michael Sinclair
  • Francis P Hughes

Read their applications here: Trustee Applications 2013_11_07 .

Attendance at Board meetings has been declining and I am afraid that the Board of Trustees feels that very few residents care about what is going on. It would be great if a large number of people attended this meeting to show that they are concerned.  I hope to see you there.

Jim Foulkrod

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