Daily Archives: March 27, 2014

Gonser and the law

Have you ever been stopped by a traffic cop, talked your way out of a ticket and been told “This time I’ll let you off with a warning.”?  What did you say then, “Sorry officer but I think the way you’ve done your job today has been a frivolous pursuit of minutia”?   Fess up Gonser, you were busted.

In the self congratulatory innocent act that he put on about the reprimand he received from the Prosecutor, our Township Supervisor is telling the citizens and taxpayers that:

  • his ignorance of a law is a valid excuse;
  • if he finds a law inconvenient he feels privileged to disregard it;
  • if law enforcement sends him a stern warning it’s none of our business.

The legal actions that Gonser has brought on the Township are liable to cost us, the taxpayers, millions of dollars.  The judgment in Mr. Edwards FOIA and OMA complaints have been appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals with strong arguments.  The Federal Justice Department HUD investigation proceeds and an expensive fine is not unlikely. The developers want their $millions of water fees back.  I trust that money is safely held and properly accounted for.

More to come…

Jim Foulkrod