Trustee Sharon McKay announced she is resigning from the Oakland Townhip Board

At the March 25, 2014 Oakland Township Board meeting, Trustee Sharon McKay announced she will resign her position after the April 8th Board meeting.  She has plans to move to Florida.  

Sometime in the near future, the Board will be voting on a replacement that Supervisor Gonser will nominate. This is identical to the process that was used when Trustee Keyes resigned and was replaced by Trustee Buxar.  

It is not clear if  Sharon McKay’s replacement will also be subject to the primary election taking place this summer and the general election this fall.   The duration of Trustee Buxar’s seat (through fall of 2016) may be contested in the upcoming elections if any other candidates file the necessary paperwork to run for that position.  This process may also be needed for Trustee McKay’s appointed replacement.

Here is a video of Sharon McKay’s announcement:

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  First and foremost, we need to thank Trustee McKay for the years of service she has given to our Township.  We wish her the best for Sharon and her husband.

Looking forward, Board members are the citizen’s ‘voice’ in local government.  The selection of the person that Supervisor Gonser recommends as Sharon’s replacement must be someone who truly represents the majority of citizens in our Township.  We do not need someone who believe in the ‘Agenda 21’ conspiracy theory that is a cornerstone of the Tea Party.  As reported previously, Supervisor Gonser believes this conspiracy has infiltrated our Township Ordinances. The other Board members need to make sure that a balanced candidate is nominated, and approved, by the entire Board. Interested candidates should submit their names to Supervisor Gonser and the other Board members.

Richard Michalski

1 thought on “Trustee Sharon McKay announced she is resigning from the Oakland Townhip Board

  1. disappointedresident

    Thank you Sharon for your service, but, we really need to get someone in there who will actually show up to meetings and DO something, not to mention, speak up once in a while! I’m glad this appointee will have to be elected in as well come August. It is important that the now TWO new Trustees actually represent the residents and not just fall in line with Gonser’s radical agenda in attacking Parks and making decisions behind closed doors all the time. Wow, two resignations in the first half of the term of this “new” board. What does that tell us, the residents, about what is really going on behind the scenes. Lots of turmoil, I’m sure.


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