Supervisor Gonser demonstrates his lack of knowledge of Oakland Township Zoning

At the April 8th Oakland Township Board meeting, Supervisor Gonser commented on the current zoning of Oakland Township.  He commented that Oakland Township Zoning not only drove the agricultural businesses out of the Township, but that it allows Oakland Township to be developed like Rochester Hills and Troy.   Supervisor Gonser indicated that the Board needs to ‘change the zoning so it does not develop into Rochester Hill and Troy’.  Trustee Bailey, who was on the Township Planning Commission for many years, corrected Gonser’s mis-statements. 

During the April 8th Township Board meeting discussion about the Rochester Cider Mill, Supervisor Gonser made comments about the existing zoning in Oakland Township.  He stated that the zoning that has been in place for many years has caused the agricultural uses to disappear in our Township.  He went on to say:

“Right now, the zoning is set up to develop Oakland Township just like Rochester Hills and Troy.”

Trustee Bailey challenged Gonser’s comment as not being factual.

Gonser continued by saying:

“I am suggesting that the way it has been zoned does not preclude significant development.  It is up to this Board to change that so it does not develop into Rochester Hills and Troy.  RIght now, that is not necessarily true!”

Trustee Bailey responded by saying

“I beg to differ.  I looked at the Master Plan and it does not resemble Rochester Hills.”

For Gonser to suggest that it would have been better for the Township to not have rezoned the land from Agricultural to Residential, when the inevitable growth was coming, is irrational and quite frankly poor planning. Developers could have bought the land and then asked for all kinds of zoning.  That is precisely why Rochester Hills and Troy are the way they are.

One need only drive down Rochester Road from Oakland Township and witness the dramatic change in land usage as you travel South.  The prior Township Boards and Planning Commissions have provided our Township a great service by protecting our Township’s natural beauty through the existing zoning and Master Plan.

Attached are copies of the Zoning maps for Oakland Township, Rochester Hills and Troy.  Supervisor Gonser needs to take a close look at these to recognize that what he said is not true.

Oakland Township Zoning map

Rochester Hills Zoning Map

Troy Zoning map

Here is a video of the discussions at the April 8th meeting:

Why is this important to Oakland Township residents?  Supervisor Gonser clearly has intentions of changing the zoning.  As he has opportunities to place people, with like thinking, on the Planning Commission and the open position on the Board, he may have enough support from his followers that inappropriate changes will be made.  The citizens of Oakland Township need to understand what his zoning intentions are.  He needs to exhibit the transparency that he speaks so often about and share his vision of the zoning changes he wants to see.

Richard Michalski

9 thoughts on “Supervisor Gonser demonstrates his lack of knowledge of Oakland Township Zoning

  1. Marty Rosalik

    The current zoning is more than adequate. If the zoning is enforced as-is OT will not become as dense as Rochester Hills or Troy.

  2. Marcus

    Gonser continues to not only embarrass himself, but also: the current Township Board, the Township residents and those officials who served before him. His twisting of facts to further a political agenda, which seems to be the destruction of the Township’s government, and his far, far right, partisan political leanings defy logic and have no place in local government. There appears to be little or no objective consideration of issues. Gonser prefers to talk in judgmental sound bites. He controls information, and will not consider anything except a one-sided discussion to further that political agenda. Open dialogue, when allowed, is only given lip service, because the course of action has already been decided behind closed doors, or in some Friday morning “breakfast cabal.”

    To aid in that effort, public comment appears to be choreographed at meetings. His obtuse, and simplistic observations about the Township’s Ordinances and Master Plan reflect his ignorance, his unwillingness to accept reality, and/or the lack of capacity to understand these documents. There is only a reluctant acknowledgment that anything positive was ever accomplished before he was anointed as Supervisor. The Boards and Commissions appointments indicate a pattern of patronage similar to past practices at the City of Detroit. The systematic attacks and the undermining of the separately elected Parks and Recreation Commission are unconscionable.

    He does not have a clue as to how the sewer policy and the “Paved Road Density” ordinance let us limit and control development. Or, how the Parks Department, under Mindy Milos Dale and Alice Tombolian, were able to leverage land preservation monies to purchase over a 1000 acres of land for over a dozen parks. Mindy’s hard work to receive matching grants of over $4 million were key to purchasing these parcels.

    He, and his shill Thalmann, continue to attack one of the finest Park and Recreation Department in the State. Finally, he shows complete lack of understanding of the implications of the Rochester Cider Mill operate as a de facto business under a residential zoning. I am sure that the Barkhams contribution to funding his election was more important than the “rule of law” which he pretends to hold above all.

    He continues to wage his “disservice” to the Township, Supervisor Gonser and the majority of this Board do not represent the will, and good sense and intelligence of the Township residents. It is time for him to resign, or be recalled, so that we can get back to responsible government that is led by laws, logic, and hard work – not by someone with an entitlement mentality and delusions of grandeur. Oakland Township can not endure any further tarnish of its reputation by continuing to be a subject of public ridicule, and a statewide laughingstock. It’s time to stop the insanity.

    Marc Edwards

    Planning Commissioner – 22 years

    Trustee – 22 years

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