Citizen requests Circuit Court hearing for Personal Protection Order (PPO) against Supervisor Terry Gonser

Oakland County records reflect there is a hearing scheduled for July 9, 2014 in Oakland County Circuit Court to hear arguments that could support a Personal Protection Order (PPO) being filed against Oakland Township Supervisor Gonser.  The applicant is a neighbor of Supervisor Terry Gonser.  The request was filed on June 25, 2014.  Judge Lisa Gorcyca’s initial decision was to not issue an immediate PPO but informed the neighbor that she could file a request for a formal hearing.  A request was made, and the hearing is on Judge Lisa Gorcyca’s docket for July 9, 2014.


3 thoughts on “Citizen requests Circuit Court hearing for Personal Protection Order (PPO) against Supervisor Terry Gonser

  1. Eyeswideopen

    Sounds like the Emperor is self destructing. Wonder if his circle of followers are seeing he has no clothes on.

  2. saveourtwp

    What I don’t understand is HOW no one in authority either with the State of the County is following what is going on with Gonser with all of the LAWS and statutes he is violating with No intervention! It’s not like they haven’t been contacted! Let it be on their heads if something more sinister and damaging happens to a resident or to our Twp. as a whole for their lack of oversight!
    Let’s hope Judge Gorcyca can send a strong message to Gonser. Someone of authority needs to put him in check!

  3. disappointedresident

    One thing everyone needs to be aware of…. Giamarco, Mullins and Horton is the Twp. attorney firm who has received HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars from the Oakland Twp. taxpayers, much of spent on defending Gonser’s inappropriate actions. Judge Gorcyca’s husband is a lawyer with that firm and the former Oakland County Prosecutor……..??????….. just saying.


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