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Unofficial Results of Personal Protection Order hearing against Supervisor Gonser

On July 9, 2014 ┬áthere was a hearing in Judge Lisa Gorcyca’s Circuit Court to hear arguments that could support a Personal Protection Order (PPO) being filed against Oakland Township Supervisor Gonser. ┬áHere is the unofficial outcome of the hearing:

  • The Personal Protection order was withdrawn by the applicant.
  • An agreement was made between Gonser and the applicant that was mutually satisfactory to both of them.
  • The terms of the agreement include:

– Terry Gonser was to remove the 2 maple trees (that he planted on the applicant’s property), within 3 weeks, at his expense.

– The applicant was to install a split rail fence on the last surveyed property line by Urban Land Consultants at applicant’s expense.

– The parties would agree that the Urban Land Consultants’ survey line is the true property line.

– Gonser agreed to not trespass on the applicant’s property.

Comment made by Judge Gorcyca at the hearing:

“This is primarily a property dispute.”

Comments directed to Terry Gonser:

“Be nice! She wants nothing to do with you.”

The official results of the hearing will be available to the public since the applicant requested that the results be part of the public record.

The above information was documented while attending the hearing.

Richard Michalski and Jim Foulkrod