Gonser, moving trees, shows his ability to plan and execute… Deja oops!

On July 9th Gonser agreed in court to remove trees he had planted on his neighbor’s property a number of years ago.  This was part of a settlement agreement when his neighbor requested a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against him. Read that story here. According to the neighbor, Gonser had selected the tree locations and dug the planting holes himself and he was aware that there were underground utilities in the area.

On July 23rd, a crew hired by Gonser moved the trees and a Consumers Power gas line was broken creating an emergency situation and requiring a crew with heavy equipment to come out to repair the line.

Consumers Power Repair crew at Gonsers

We all make mistakes, right?  Who among us has not planted fast growing maple trees on our neighbors’ property on top of a gas line?

This reminds me of his “Good News Trail” plan that I wrote about a year ago.  He unilaterally announced that the township would construct a trail north of Flagstar Bank on township property bordering Flagstar property and the Paint Creek.  A trail on this property was not remotely feasible.  It slopes 45 degrees.  It is in a protected stream bank and would require an impossible DNR approval.   I thought, at the time, that Gonser had only looked at the property on a map and had never visited the site.  Seeing now how he approached his tree planting project, I think maybe he had actually looked at the Flagstar property, saw some flat land where he could build a trail and assumed it was his to do with as he wanted.  Does his imperial mind just work that way?

Jim Foulkrod

3 thoughts on “Gonser, moving trees, shows his ability to plan and execute… Deja oops!

  1. Al Ada

    Was he so spiteful, that he couldn’t have just left them planted where the were? I would love to know how his former GM colleagues felt about him. . . .

  2. saveourtwp

    He is our Supervisor and doesn’t even know about “Miss Dig?” They teach that to children, scouts, etc. He has no basic knowledge or common sense. Oh, to be his neighbor, YIKES!

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