Are you a “subdivision rat”? Supervisor Gonser expresses his opinion!

At the August 12, 2014 Board meeting, during the discussion regarding the various appointments to the Planning Commission, Supervisor Gonser shared his perspective on living in a subdivision.  He indicated that when he moved back to Oakland Township from Indianapolis, he did not want to be a ‘subdivision rat’ so he moved to an acreage parcel.  His comment is very insightful into his thinking.  Please watch the following excerpt from the meeting:

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  As stated previously on this website, Supervisor Gonser wants to provide the Planning Commission ‘his vision’ for what our future Master Plan should be.  Do you want our Master Plan to reflect his contemptuous perspective on how many of us chose to live in our Township.  Here is previous post:

Supervisor Gonser attempts to influence Planning Commission’s Master Plan

Richard Michalski

3 thoughts on “Are you a “subdivision rat”? Supervisor Gonser expresses his opinion!

  1. saveourtwp

    The only “RAT” in this scenario is the arrogant, ignorant, discriminating, dis ingenuous, dictator GONSER! August 2016 cannot come soon enough. No one on the Board had the guts to speak out against him, AGAIN! Especially, “no speak, do what Gonser tells me”, REILLY! What a waste of an invaluable position she is!

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