Trustee Giannangeli falsely accuses Planning Commission Chairman James Carter of lying yet Giannangeli was the one who lied

At the August 12, 2014 Oakland Township Board meeting, Trustee Giannangeli defended the appointments the Supervisor wanted to make to the Planning Commission by denigrating his fellow Planning Commission members.

At the September 2, 2014 Planning Commission meeting, Planning Commission Chairman, James Carter asked Giannangeli to explain his comments to the entire Planning Commission.  John not only denied saying what he said, but called James Carter a liar and then refused to explain his accusations.  He did not have the courage to express his concerns ‘in person’ with his fellow Planning Commission members.

During the discussions that occurred at the August 12 Board meeting, Trustee John Giannangeli made several negative comments about the Planning Commission. These comments were used to justify appointing three new members to the Planning Commission (in addition to the two relatively new members that they appointed previously). The Planning Commission consists of seven members. There are now only two experienced Commission members as they undertake revisions to our Township Master Plan.

Trustee John Giannangeli is a member of the Planning Commission.  He made a recommendation at the Board meeting that the Township should set ‘term limits’ for the Planning Commission and other positions in the Township. He also made the following statement about the Planning Commission:

“They think they own the Township, not the residents. I sit on the Planning Commission and I listen to those comments they make sometimes and I keep my mouth shut.”

At the September 2 Planning Commission meeting, Chairman James Carter asked Trustee John Giannangeli to explain the comments he made at the August 12 meeting. Giannangeli denied that he recommended ‘term limits’ for the Planning Commission members, even though the recording of that meeting indicated that he had made that recommendation. Giannangeli even accused Carter of lying!

When Carter asked Giannangeli to explain his comment about the Planning Commission acting like “they own” the Township, Giannangeli got very defensive and refused to explain the comment he had made at the August 12 meeting. He appears to only have the courage or ‘backbone’ to express his opinion when he has others present to defend him!

Here is a video of the discussions that occurred at both the August 12 & September 2 meeting:

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?   Oakland Township is a highly desirable community. This did not happen by accident. The past Planning Commission members played a major role in making Oakland Township what it is. Our Supervisor wants to change it by appointing new people to the Planning Commission.

John Giannangeli is an UNELECTED Trustee that Supervisor Gonser nominated for the position created when Trustee McKay quit. He is also the Board’s representative on the Planning Commission.  This summer, John was voted in as a Republican candidate for Trustee for the fall general election. It was an unopposed primary race. There were two candidates for two positions, yet John Giannangeli received 31 fewer votes than the other candidate, Robin Buxar (1329 vs. 1360).

Did those 31 voters have a better understanding of who John Giannangeli really is?

The citizens will have an opportunity to vote for (or against) John this fall in the general election. Since there are two Trustee positions and no Democrats or Independents on the ballot, maybe a “write in” candidate could fill that seat and change the makeup of our Township Board.

We will have two more years of Gonser’s tyrannical leadership. However, we can impact our future NOW by finding a ‘write-in’ candidate to run against John Giannangeli this fall and take back control of the Board by replacing Gonser’s extremist ‘puppet’.

Richard Michalski

Here is a related link that is worth revisiting:

Township Board appoints John Giannangeli to vacant Trustee seat. Will the real John Giannangeli please stand up?


4 thoughts on “Trustee Giannangeli falsely accuses Planning Commission Chairman James Carter of lying yet Giannangeli was the one who lied

  1. Paul Morales

    Mr. Giannangeli,
    Will be held accountable for his inexcusable actions. He used Blockbusting tactics as to raising false concerns of property value declines when leading the opposition against a protected class of citizens, the elderly/disabled. He even went on to say for the record that such housing needs for this protective class is a red herring and taunted the Oakland County Zoning Committee, State and Federal officials. He and the Board of Trustees(and now sadly the Township) will be held personally liable.
    [Sorry John, too many eyes, ears and recording devices to memorialize your deliberate reckless actions. “A bully (in this case a bully and a liar) gets loud and angry when he gets caught.” Canadian Proverb. I double dog dare Mr Giannangeli to own up to his incredulous illegal actions. Explain that to the Federal Judge, punk. ]
    Paul Morales

  2. Marty Rosalik

    “Did those 31 voters have a better understanding of who John Giannangeli really is?” Some of us did or at least wanted the vote count to reflect our distrust. Unless a write-in can beat him in November, he will be voted in just for being on the ballot unopposed.

    When about 70% of eligible voters are actually registered and only 18% of them show up to vote in a primary, these skewed elections happen. Split that 18% into Republicans and Democrats and it is likely many candidates will ride to office on just over half that 18% participating. ( single digits ) 18% of 70% is 12.6%, Just over half of that is a single digit percentage. This is how many will be elected with only single digit overall population percentages while everyone else sits home. Until more citizens get upset enough to show up and vote in primaries, how do you avoid this?

  3. disappointedresident

    John Giannangeli is obviously afraid of Mr. Carter, just like Gonser. Why? Mr. Carter has nothing to hide like they do. John acted like all animals act when they get caught in a corner, just like Gonser did to former Trustee Judy Keyes when she exposed the truth to the residents and tried to hold him accountable for his words and actions too, they irrationally lash out, deflect and dodge. Cowards! Two peas in a corrupt pod.


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