Robert Yager, the publisher of the Oakland Township Sentinel, published an article indicating that the Oakland Township Board terminated  manager Ann Capela’s contract on September 29, 2014. The vote was 5 to 2.  Supervisor Gonser and Trustee Thalmann were the only two that supported keeping Capela.

 A copy of Robert’s article is posted here:  

Oakland Township Sentinel 9-30-2014

I would encourage any readers or ‘followers’ of this site to send Robert an email at:

to subscribe to his website.  He will send emails to you with each update.  The content shown on his site is very informative.  Here is a link to his website:

Oakland Township Sentinel

Thank you Robert for bringing this to our attention!

Here is a link to an Oakland Press article:

Oakland Press Article

Richard Michalski



  1. judykeyes

    Thank you to the diligent citizens who informed others to get this news out. I too question why our newly purchased technology wasn’t utilized to inform the citizens of this meeting in a more broader fashion. Sharon McKay was the lone voice of reason in voting against Ann Capela’s selection, Now, we are all paying the price for yet another poor decision by members of this Board. Always reactionary. As long as Mr. Gonser is at the head as Supervisor, we can expect more chaos, upheaval, turn over of loyal and experienced staff, appointed and elected officials, wasted tax payer dollars and the complete lack of significant and measurable progress and productivity within our actual community. The events that have taken place since my resignation, almost one year ago, sadden me greatly, but do not surprise me in anyway.

  2. ConcernedResident

    She has been fired from every job she’s had after little time and she then sues for damages, sometimes for millions. Let’s hope Oakland Township is spared. I don’t know why she wasn’t at least googled before being hired…

  3. saveourtwp

    Don’t forget, Gonser and Thalmann still voted to keep her! WHY? Because she was easily controlled and allowed Gonser to repeatedly berate, intimidate and threaten office staff and officials and allowed him to take over as many of her duties and undermine her authority as much as he desired and at every turn. The board needs to make a resolution, as other boards and councils have had to do for their out of control Supervisors or Mayors. They need to limit Gonser’s time in the office to one day per week to protect the employees and get him out of the way of the township business and let the paid professionals handle what they were hired to do. The office is in a complete state of polarization and we need a strong, experienced professional with fortitude and integrity to break through the atmosphere of intimidation and dictatorship to enable the employees to do their jobs! Board, don’t be intimidated by a candidate who knows more than you do, that is what the Township desperately needs, and FAST! Don’t hire another puppet. You never know who is going to be pulling the strings and it is arrogant to think that you will be the one pulling them. ALL of you own this poor decision to hire her in the first place.

    Hey, how about the candidate you pushed to the side who actually wrote a book about municipal ETHICS…he would have been a great professional to hire. But, too many of you were intimidated by him….too bad.

  4. sharon mckay

    There were several well qualified applicants to choose as Township Manager last January. Hopefully, one of them would be willing to manage the township if still interested and utulize their knowledge, ethics, and strong drive to put the township back on track. ONE manager to manage the township; ONE supervisor to supervise meetings and sign documents.

    1. richardjmichalski Post author

      For those who may not know it, Sharon McKay is a former Oakland Township Trustee. She participated in the interviewing of 6 candidates on December 7, 2013. In early 2014 Sharon resigned her position and moved to Florida. John Giannangeli was nominated by Supervisor Gonser as her replacement and the Board approved the nomination. John is on the November 4, 2014 ballot to have him ‘officially’ fill Sharon’s seat until November of 2016.


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