Daily Archives: October 1, 2014

(EDITORIAL) – An Opportunity to Move Toward Better Government

As reported  here previously, the Board has acted and now needs to hire a new Township Superintendent

However this came about, the Board now has an opportunity to hire a strong, professional Township Superintendent who will take control over all of the duties assigned to the position by the Resolution made by the Board of Trustees.  In that Resolution the Board delegated every one of the fifteen duties and responsibilities enumerated in the Michigan Charter Township Act to the Township Superintendent. They need to find a person who, together with the Board, will stand up to Gonser and tell him that he has no executive nor management nor supervisory authority over the business of the Township.  The Board must enforce their Resolution and back their new executive in every respect.  Gonser says he spends 50 hrs./wk. working on Township business in the Township offices.  This is hardly possible unless he has been ignoring the will of the Board of Trustees.  He must be made to obey the Board, tend to his responsibilities and stay home.

We, the citizens of Oakland Township deserve good government.  This is our opportunity to make it clear to the Board that, in order to get our support, they need follow up their decision to fire Ann Capela with determination to hire and empower a township executive who will lead a good government.

Jim Foulkrod