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Trustee John Giannangeli reluctantly apologizes for calling Planning Commission Chairman a liar

During the commissioner comments portion of the October 7, 2014 Oakland Township Planning Commission meeting, Chairman James Carter confronted John Giannangeli for calling James a liar at the September 9 Planning Commission meeting.  The video recordings of the comments made at the September 9th Planning Commission meeting and August 12 Board meeting clearly indicated that John Giannangeli was the one who lied.  

After being confronted with the facts, John Giannangeli still refused to admit that he lied and refused to apologize, and said:

“I am going to say what I should have done the last time, which is, I am not going to say anything at all.  You have your opinions – I have mine!”

After additional comments from James Carter, John Giannangeli was clearly embarrassed into making a reluctant apology when he said:

“I am sorry I called you a liar!”

James graciously accepted his apology and indicated he would never bring it up again. 

Here is a video of the October 7th comments:

Here is video that shows the basis for James Carter’s comments to John Giannangeli:

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  John Giannangeli’s character clearly comes into question when he accuses someone of lying, when he was the one who had lied.  John was nominated by Terry Gonser to fill the vacant Trustee seat when Sharon McKay quit the Board.  A previous example of John’s ‘volatility’ was previously reported on this website.

In the November 4th election, John is on the ballot to officially fill McKay’s seat.  There are three people on the ballot to fill two seats (Robin Buxar is also on the ballot to fill Judy Keyes’ seat).  I would recommend the voter’s send John a message by not voting for him.  I am not endorsing the third candidate.  The ballot instructions says “Vote for not more than two”.  If you find John’s actions inappropriate, I recommend you vote for only one, Robin Buxar, to send John a message.

Richard Michalski