Supervisor Gonser attacks this website (AGAIN)

During the January 13, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting, Supervisor Gonser, after being confronted with many issues and concerns raised by citizens and other Board members over his actions, accused this website of not being fact based and accused it of being full of lies.  This is not the first time that he has attacked this website.

Here are his comments:

“The truth just isn’t there!

Unfortunately it is more about ‘Gotcha’ and more about politics, and I am sick and tired of it.”

The author of this post made the following statement in response:

“I would like to challenge you, Mr. Gonser, to point out any false statement.

I would ask the citizens of Oakland Township to go to the website and make your own assessment as to whether the information presented is factual or not.  Everthing is based on information that is documented, opinions are based on that information.

The fact that you do not agree with the opinions doesn’t make the facts false!” (comment directed to Supervisor Gonser)

I will quote a comment posted on this website from a citizen that apparently watched the January 13th meeting:

“At the 1/13 BOT meeting, Mr Gonser implied that this website is a bunch of ‘Gotchas’. If Mr Gonser would run things ethically and with transparency there would be no “Gotchas” and in reality no need for this website.

Furthermore his statement about “Gotchas” is really an admission by himself that he gets caught doing things inappropriately.”

I could not have said it better!

Here is a video of the comments made at the meeting:

Richard Michalski


2 thoughts on “Supervisor Gonser attacks this website (AGAIN)

  1. Bob Yager

    Mr. Michalski –

    Because I initially questioned the motivation of your website, I have closely scrutinized every post in your website looking for false information. I have found none. That is not to say I have agreed with every individual opinion you express. But, I do agree with your overall assessment of Mr. Gonser as not a good fit as township supervisor for Oakland Township.

    As you suggest, Mr. Gonser needs to support his claims by pointing out the alleged “lies” or providing his additional facts and logic that lead to conclusions that are different from yours. He has not done this. He has successfully persuaded the Board to shut down Q&A at Board meetings and has avoided creating any other forum in which he would publicly discuss your claims. I want a Supervisor who tells the residents all of what he thinks and risks public Q&A so we can better evaluate him or her.

    Some people don’t like the tone of some of your posts. I say an elected official will be subjected to much worse if they move “up the ladder” to elected state or federal positions. They must learn to deal with a tone they don’t like. If he can’t handle this at the local level, he can’t possibly handle it in the “big leagues” that the grapevine says he aspires to. You are doing him a favor in providing practice. You are doing the voters a favor in letting us see how he would handle the inevitable criticism he would get at a state level.

    Bob Yager 1-19-2015

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