Oakland Township – Now On The National News Stage

Bloomberg News has put the national spotlight on Oakland Township with its Feb 18th Newswire report on Oakland Township’s official response to the lawsuit brought by the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) alleging discriminatory housing practices under the Federal Fair Housing Law.  The Township’s response to the suit claims that the MPVA has no “standing” to bring such a suit against Oakland Township.  The full content of the report is reproduced below

Jim Foulkrod

“Michigan Veterans Vehemently Respond To Oakland Township’s Stance Against Paralyzed Veterans Housing Project

DETROIT, Feb. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —  Michigan veterans issued a vehement and stinging response to Oakland Township’s motion to deny paralyzed veterans fair housing.

“As a Veteran, I find it absolutely outrageous that the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America have to sue an affluent community like Oakland Township in order to get them to approve a senior housing project which would provide some of the needed housing for the more than 2,000 Service Disabled Veterans in the area,” said Keith King, President, Veterans Support Foundation, United States Armed Forces Association. “As the President of a national foundation that provides funding and care for homeless veterans, and funds other foundations supporting Veteran causes, I see no justification for Oakland Township’s cowardly stance.”

The Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America in December filed a lawsuit against Oakland Township in Federal Court contending the Township had engaged in discriminatory housing practices under the Federal Fair Housing Law, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, by aggressively blocking approval of a housing project that would accommodate paralyzed veterans and the elderly.

In responding to the Federal Court complaint of the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA), the Township doubled down on its lawlessness, claiming the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of American have no right to protect its members’ rights in court.

“I applaud and fully support the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) in their Fair Housing lawsuit against Oakland Township,” said decorated disabled veteran Army Ranger Frank Campanaro. Campanaro is also the President and Founder of VETPOWER.org, a Michigan-based 501(c)3 charity dedicated to helping veterans transition from military service.

“These are our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who served our country in the military with honor, and who have returned with service related disabilities,” Campanaro said. “There are more than 36,000 service disabled heroes in Southeast Michigan, with more than 7,600 in Oakland County alone.

“Oakland Township’s contempt against the Fair Housing Act is clearly evident when they denounce the freedom of elderly and disabled persons, which includes many MPVA members’, to choose where they want to live.

“It’s despicable that this community would look for ways to stop, rather than help, these valiant men and women who have protected our country. These Veterans have paid the price for our freedom with their blood, flesh and bones.

“The attempt to use a legal technicality to throw out the MPVA from a “standing” issue is demoralizing and the slightest use of any unintended pun is not humorous.

“Oakland Township should help them create more housing solutions that will accommodate their needs, and not be standing in their way,” Campanaro said.

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/michigan-veterans-vehemently-respond-to-oakland-townships-stance-against-paralyzed-veterans-housing-project-300037968.html

SOURCE Keith King; Frank Campanaro”

17 thoughts on “Oakland Township – Now On The National News Stage

  1. alanjadams

    I’m sure now the lawyers will get their marching orders to milk this for awhile and make sure kickbacks are evenly distributed, before OT caves. Cynical much? Yes, and with good reason.

  2. Marty Rosalik

    Seniors, Fair Housing, Veterans, and now Paralized Veterans… this straw man has become so blown out of proportion and yet so many just won’t see that. In the DM/Buser law suit it was made absolutely clear what this is about. $$$

    “The economy of scale” reference by DM makes it totally clear that he wants a LARGER development to make MORE money! And he/they will distort everything and use any angle to obtain that.

    Greatly reduce the size of the “warehouse” single building and build the Duets per existing density plans and start BUILDING that housing.

    But no, it’s ALL or nothing for so many here. This is not about seniors. This is not about veterans. This is certainly not about paralized veterans.

    This is about one man and a few of his minions making MORE than they need and obtaining that GREED by any means necessary.

  3. Dominic J Moceri

    Mr Rosalik,

    Your bent that housing for a protected class, disabled/elderly citizens , be described and labeled as “warehousing” is as grotesque as it is prejudicial and discriminatory.

    The Paralyzed Veterans of America received the first Congressionally Chartered 501c4 in 1946.

    The Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) supports it’s honored members and the entire disabled community.

    The Moceri Family proudly supports the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America.

    Your “strawmen” connotation is offensive and unfounded.

    It clearly was not Michael Harris’, Executive Officer of MPVA, desire to become paralyzed. It was a tragedy. However, Mr. Harris has taken his personal challenges for fair equal accessible housing to the forefront of awareness. It is the MPVA’s mission to ensure the legal mandates, under the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Michigan Persons with Disabilities and Civil Rights Act, together with the 5th and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution, are to be observed and obeyed by all entities, including Universities, Airport Authorities, Businesses and Municipalities.

    Both private and public entities have the obligation to accomodate the needs of the disabled. Furthermore, it is the Charter Township of Oakland Board of Trustees that took an oath to uphold Federal, State and Local Laws and the Constitution of the United States of America.

    As evidenced from the record, the Township’s planning consultants, Planning Commission, previous Board of Trustees, Oakland County Zoning Committee, township professional staff and legal consultants all concurred that the proposal for Blossom Ridge met all the conditions of the zoning ordinance per the Planned Overlay District for RM per the PRRO adopted ordinances. Furthermore, all the above stated that the proposal was a community enhancement consistent with the Charter Oakland Township Master Plan re-adopted in April 2011. Those are FACTS.

    Mr. Rosalik, I truly am grateful for your extended family members that defended our Great Nation and the principles of fairness and equal access for all families including my own. They also fought for free capital markets. They fought for your right to earn a wage and/or own a profitable business.

    To the Rosalik Veteran and Active elite , I salute you.

    They also fought for your right to make outlandish and outright foolish statements. But sometimes those statements contain such animus that liability may be asserted and clearly supports the cases before the Federal District Court. And as a matter of fact, they already have.

    Mr Rosalik, I have loved ones in need of specialized congregate housing, as do my neighbors, friends and coworkers. Yes, our 4th generation family of building excellence is profitable. There in no shame in that. In this country we should be proud of the fact that from immigrant poor to success is not but a dream but a hard fought earned reality. A reality we all have the freedom and right to obtain which shall go unimpeded by our government and/or overzealous citizenry.

    Your personal attacks on my parents, brothers and myself are salacious and immature.

    Mr Rosalik, you are so very wrong. This is not about $$$. This is personal.

    Be Well,
    Dominic J Moceri

    1. Marty Rosalik

      Mr. moceri. “liability may be asserted” Are you making veiled threats now? I have said NOTHING about your family. I have said plenty about you and some others specifically a Paul Morales and now Joan Buser whom I have labeled “minions”. Who is Paul? What is his connection to this?
      NOTHING about your family! Are you attempting to provoke that now? That is insulting.
      You are building the straw man here.
      You chose to cite me as an example in the federal law suit. I plan to show up in court if you ever make it that far. You have taken my comments out of context and I aim to have the court hear my real opinion and proposed solutions not your filtered “cut-and-paste” version.

      Does the single building have to be as large as you want to provide the required housing under the Housing Act? Can a building half the size get the job done? Would a 2 story building built into the natural hill side to shield it from road noise and conceal if from off-site view provide the proper housing?

      My objections like so many others have to do with solving that single large building issue. You have taken it into the absurd.

      If it is “personal” you would consider something like my questions above. If it is about $$$ you won’t.

      1. Marty Rosalik

        P.S. Mr. Moceri. I did NOT know you have “brothers” until that post. So how did I “attack” them?

  4. Frank Campanaro

    My name is Frank Campanaro; a person who spoke out in support of this project on behalf of Veterans. To be clear, I have ZERO interest in this project financially, business-wise, etc., and do NOT know what the Moceri family is making, nor do I care, but they must make money or how would they pay taxes, run a successful business, etc! In fact, its known publicly, that Dominic and I do NOT see eye to eye on many things, and for the record have NOT talked personally or professionally in at least several years, and probably more than a decade!

    However, since we both come from successful real estate families, and though I live in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, and focus on federal construction projects nationally, for the US government, as opposed to Michigan based real estate development, I can sympathize with any developer up against an irascible local government, who often makes its so miserable, its amazing we still have people willing to risk home building, etc. This is not to say OT doesn’t have its point of view, and whatever Moceri Companies and OT have to work is between them…TRANSLATION: As an advocate, I see an oppty for veterans to obtain quality housing. And therefore, I am going to fight for them; PERIOD!

    Thus, to make posts that state the developer is only interested in making money–as if they don’t care about their 4th generation family and associated team members in addition to their quality reputation and satisfied customers and, over all boost to the local economy–that by default, lumps in myself and the other staunch Veteran’s Advocates, as associated with a project; rather to suggest that we are associated with a project as straw-men, in order to enrich another is truly an insult. (Lets not forget that its probably others who are actually worried about money in reverse, as they perhaps deem a veteran project will drop property values as the media seems to only report a small percentage of veterans with issues vs the overwhelming majority who are positive contributors to society, not to mention willing to fight for liberty in the first place…so comments regarding greed and money need to be revisited!!).

    Also, to all who look to make snide personal connotations, please Keep your comments and jaded opinions regarding others to yourself, or focused as directly related to the intended target, and be sure to leave others out of this. Mores specifically, I happen to know of the good work that Mike Harris and Keith King have done for several decades, and personally I have more than 20 years under my belt as a veteran advocate, also with much success!! And though we 3 are not from the same organizations and not collaborating on this project in any way (I just found out via this article), we are known for working on veteran housing projects and for a very long time, which is why we have obviously become involved. And speaking for all 3 of us (without permission), I can state that when it comes to housing for veterans, in this country, virtually NOBODY wants to step up. We hear all the lip service and always have; and each of us has worked on myriad projects over the years and usually it ends up like this one has: veterans lose…hence up to 250,000 homeless veterans per night in this country.

    Finally, on behalf of America, a capitalistic, democratic republic: Moceri Companies are the leading developer-builder and for decades in this area, and have already built ‘literally,’ billions in product with absolutely the highest applaud for quality, conservation and civil outreach…so to accuse Moceri of being some kind of unworthy kingpin or that poor Oakland TWP is some how being disadvantaged is purely nonsense; not to mention misleading and a complete redirect that takes us away from the task at hand: and the task that we veteran advocates are focused on is is housing for our brothers and sisters. That said, in many ways Moceri ‘made’ OT; and now that its a destination, its apparently ‘no longer fit’ for what many are claiming to be “a housing project;” yet if successful, there will be veteran housing; thus a housing community that includes veterans: not a project! And as a veteran myself, who happens to also be in the housing industry, personally, I would want a Moceri quality house myself, and for the other veterans involved! In fact, its easy to prove that MOST people in OT have opted for a Moceri housing product, considering the past 15+/- years.

    OT and Moceri both have excellent reputations and I respect them both. Perhaps each can get over the madness, and together all can agree on yet another fine Moceri project, which will not only be fitting as all other Moceri OT projects, but may this one also have a veteran contingent to it. Why waste money on lawsuits when we can spend that money on product design, landscaping, and other community outreach. Further, lets be sure that we don’t have the usual prejudices here, in that many think veteran’s housing means tons of crazies standing out front, selling drugs and whatnot. Its truly unfortunate that the image of 250,000 homeless veterans (an atrocity in itself and indirectly related to a LACK of housing) has become the visual for the other 23,000,000 million living veterans in this country, who by the way, are often more productive than the average citizen.

    In closing, I think I have made my point clear: we advocates care about veterans and quality housing and do NOT have anything else to do with this project in anyway. Further, there is perhaps none better than Moceri when it comes to quality in Oakland TWP. And finally, OT has made plenty of fantastic decision in the past, and often with the Moceri Companies: so lets see if we can come together and stop wasting tax payer monies and start focusing on those in need!

    For those of you who served, thank you very much for your service. For those of you willing to serve those who served, thank you also.

    Frank Campanaro
    Veteran Advocate
    Real Estate professional

    PS typed from cell phone; pardon any grammatical errors

    1. Marty Rosalik

      Mr. Campanaro, this did not begin as ONLY veteran housing. So please try to refrain from describing it as such. Veterans will make up what percent of this development? There is nothing stopping this development except an oversized over dense plan. Thank you for being a veteran advocate.

      The “made OT” statement from you is very interesting. Is there now an entitlement he is owed? Does he just get to build anything anywhere now? Mr. Moceri builds monuments in OT. That is for sure. If the plans were truly reasonable, there would be NOTHING holding this up. NOTHING!

      “Reasonable” is completely subjective here and now going in front of a judge for a decision. Mr. Moceri filed a law suit the last time he didn’t get his way. He wanted $22 Million from Oakland Township. He was not successful in that endeavor. I’m not too sure he will be this time either. That said many here don’t feel the “love” from our premiere developer. So now you have some more of the story.


      1. richardjmichalski

        As you may or may not recall, during a conversation we had a few months ago, I pointed out that there WAS a compromise offered to the Board reducing the size of the Blossom Ridge complex. The proposal was reviewed at the October 8, 2013 Board meeting. The Board rejected the proposal, and the minutes of that meeting do not even reflect that a compromise offer was made. The video of that meeting does capture the proposal, and the Board’s reaction (none). It can be watched on our Township website by going to the October 8, 2013 BOT meeting and watching Chapter 15 (agenda item 14).

        I found it interesting that when introducing this topic, the Supervisor explained that the proposal was being made after both the Township and the Blossom Ridge applicant lifted a non-disclosure agreement. Gonser went on to say that this matter was being reviewed in a spirit of transparency to the residents on issues related to this legal matter. Yet, the Board, through their decision to NOT INCLUDE THE TOPIC (OR IT”S CONTENT) in the minutes of that meeting, raises questions in my mind as to the ‘level of transparency’ the Board wanted on this matter.

        Why did they not include it in the minutes? This issue is probably one of the most significant legal issues our Township is facing, yet they refused to make it visible to the residents who only review the minutes of the meetings.

        To use a metaphor Bob Yager has used in his Oakland Township Sentinel website, it appears it was the Board’s attempt at keeping Oakland Township a ‘Mushroom Farm” on this matter.

        I suspect the legal proceedings will include the video material, as well as the fact that the Board did not include the compromise offer in the minutes, in the case against Oakland Township.

        Dick Michalski

      2. Frank Campanaro


        I find myself at the airport, delayed for 3 hours due to weather, so instead of never responding again, which is really all you deserve, I will instead respond a final time. Apparently, you have an ax to grind with the Moceri Companies…which is on you and as asked before, please leave veteran advocacy out of it. Never once did I suggest this was veteran housing project but rather housing with a veteran component and further that we advocates are about ensuring that any housing oppty for veterans is both realized and fruitful.

        If you remember correctly, you insulted us by referring to the associated veteran advocates as straw men…and for what you were also insinuating was involvement in a shady deal with an even shadier contractor who apparently has only an insatiable lust for money, when in fact, their legacy in OT and elsewhere, is one of quality. For the record, since you haven’t stated your authority in telepathy or mind reading, just how is it you know Dominic wants only money and too much of it? Have you interviewed him or overheard his supposedly evil deeds unfold amongst the rest of us; those you also recklessly accuse of ill-repute? In fact, based on the old adage that words aren’t as strong as deeds, or actions…or looking around at the “monuments” you refer to, well, I rest my case! Thus my defense of both we advocates as well as the good works the Moceri Companies to date is warranted. Amazingly, you also comply with above by thanking me as an advocate and mentioning Moceri attributes, yet simultaneously lambaste each of us and then speaking for an apparent large swath of OT residents, who now apparently aren’t “feeling the love;” its both bothersome yet cumbersome to interpret or appreciate your flip flopping. Further, you take great liberty in speaking for others I have noticed and carelessly lump them in to your assaults…which for the record is not good in the manners dept and could become more serious if taken too seriously by others.

        Since apparently you must continually digress–for the record, do you like to argue just for the sake of arguing? Or to be heard or the center of attention? Perhaps I am mistaken and if so apologize in advance yet pine for clarification all the same?–and redirect in order to lobby your personal opinions, play charades, etc.; well, for now I will play along but not as an advocate, as a small businessman who happens to coincidentally work in the real estate industry, so on behalf of real estate professionals everywhere, or to fight fire with fire: for those of us who risk substantially as entrepreneurs–and provide substantially for others–we deserve some credit here! More specifically, there are other developers who deserve credit too…one in particular who drug sewer and water several miles to create one of OT’s current center piece mixed use parcels…which also empowered an entire section (square mile) to be developed; and currently serves the community substantially. This was at great risk, required a bond raise, etc. This is known as HIGH RISK/HIGH REWARD. Thus anybody who takes the risk, gets it done on the up and up, does indeed deserve the High Reward, that is, if its even obtainable (see below).

        Unfortunately, such a concentrated precis as this is necessary because apparently you have nothing but terrible things to say about everyone, everything and anything, but especially those associated with this project (including veterans and entrepreneurs or those who in great numbers help keep American strong) and entrepreneurs indirectly. Veterans like entrepreneurs are risk takers, thus often stick together if not go hand in hand and when we see somebody taking a risk to build housing, which can include veterans, we are supportive…hence our desire to see this project go through so we can be part of helping veterans settle in. We do not care about your personal opinions but rather veterans in need. What the developer and the TWP have to work on is between them, thus I do not need to “refrain” from supporting a developer who will empower veteran housing. It is up to the developer and the TWP to figure out how to get a project approved but up to us advocates working with the developer once that project is approved, to ensure there is a veteran contingent.

        Because you really want to make this about your disdain for Moceri Companies and Dominic personally, and because you are apparently angry or possibly jealous that he is making money, too much money or similar (based on your remarks) and further that this project doesn’t meet your architectural, engineering or planning approval…hence these are all personal problems you have with individuals, government processes or lack thereof, etc., yet you still apparently will go to great lengths to call out anybody with blatant disregard for facts, if apparently that helps you meet your objectives? (See comments regarding minions and straw men when in fact I am the only advocate who knows the Moceri’s in this ordeal and we don’t even communicate with each other for myriad reasons, and haven’t for a decade, as stated above, yet you are positive enough to state publicly that we are ALL part of the deal, and infer indirectly that as “his minions” and “straw men,” we are also greedy pawns… But I gave you the benefit of the doubt last time around, and still you re-attack rather than apologize and continue to redirect towards your main objective of discrediting anyone involved with this project. This means to me that you are infatuated with Dominic Moceri in some way…why else would you make such wild accusations and further slander credible veteran advocates…why wouldn’t you do your homework on us first before lumping us into your conspiracy theory?)

        To reiterate, see your comments here:

        “This is about one man and a few of his minions making MORE than they need and obtaining that GREED by any means necessary.”

        “You are building the straw man here” (and then naming veterans advocates and/or their organisations by name).

        My comments:

        “TRANSLATION: As an advocate, I see an oppty for veterans to obtain quality housing. And therefore, I am going to fight for them; PERIOD!”

        “In closing, I think I have made my point clear: we advocates care about veterans and quality housing and do NOT have anything else to do with this project in anyway.”

        “And finally, OT has made plenty of fantastic decision in the past, and often with the Moceri Companies: so lets see if we can come together and stop wasting tax payer monies and start focusing on those in need!”

        For the record, I am finding a hard time matching up your accusations of me being a minion, straw man (I became involved roughly 2 weeks ago…so how could I be a straw man?), greedy or willingness to do anything necessary to obtain the spoils of such greed or making claims that this is entirely a veteran project. Please correct me if I am wrong but your words vs mine…you do the math!!!

        Apparently you wish to get we advocates off topic by insulting us and co-mingling us with economic issues and other personal opinions? Maybe its you who needs to hear the other side of the other story, vs the other side of the story you wish to educate me with? More specifically, your comments: “That said many here don’t feel the “love” from our premiere developer. So now you have some more of the story!”

        As stated previously, and again above, I do NOT care about your personal problems, opinions or local politics but rather veteran housing…defending disabled and paralyzed veterans (have you ever tried to live life in a wheel chair, disabled or otherwise in a home not made for a handicapped person? I have!! Fortunately, I am now walking again but that is precisely why I fight for those who cant or never will walk again!!!). I do care about you overall as a fellow citizen, in fact, I fought directly for you on the battle field, as all veterans do, but individually you are not my concern, as you are not a disabled veteran, in need of quality housing, etc., and finally since you continue to insult me with pathetic accusations, I really have to focus my energy elsewhere. Essentially you have lost all credibility and no longer deserve the right to even converse with us, since you have other motives not to mention no apparent support for veterans housing, especially in OT?

        For the record: you also seem to complain about everything else. Including “Mr. Moceri filed a law suit the last time he didn’t get his way.” Well good sir, just what exactly is he supposed to do? This is currently the protocol and the legal process. Just because you (personally) and potentially the TWP do not want this project (according to you, as you speak for them too it now seems?) and/or for whatever reason including those revealed and otherwise; perhaps an interesting question is: Have you ever developed a parcel of property and if so, was it successful? What is your contribution to society, veterans, housing, community? It must be substantial as apparently nobody else remotely compares!!!

        I am talking about signing personal (putting up everything you own including your family residence in which your children may reside) to borrow money to buy property, then spending zillions and years getting approval while the entire time making payments; then, when approval finally comes, borrowing even more, then paying hundreds of businesses/people who empower thousands more to come and work, pay taxes, put money into the economy, etc., for several more years, and then at the end (what some of us anxiously call “developers comeback”), go to the bank and count it all up and if there is enough to pay the taxes, and if there is enough to pay the investors and if there is enough to pay the rest of the bills, then we pray that there is enough–after 3 to 5 to 7+ years–to finally pay ourselves.

        Evidence of this is that every single developer I know in MI, FL as well as almost all who have ever developed in OT (including myself) have at one time or another lost it all…either filed complete bankruptcy or otherwise have been reduced to nothingness (to drive the point: I was actually homeless for 24 mos at one point, living in hotels, with family, etc. while trying to keep a business a float and grateful people employed; projects supporting veterans and the war fighter on target, and I did all without being a minion of evil, a straw man or a greedy pig). Thus this is the age old fight of a developer who risks all (and in this case, already lost it all once) to help bring a farming community into the current century, and now “not feeling the love” as you put it in reverse, years after helping make that community, is now somehow a communist heathen as are all those involved!! (It was clearly my choice to risk as a businessman, and my choice to serve and my choice to back this project but NOT my choice to be slandered by you as a treacherous dirt bag hell bent on burning your precious community!!)

        Am I wrong about this? Due to your lack of restraint and making personal comments, blathering incessantly about minions, straw men, insatiable greed and other ridiculousness surely has its way of tainting a dialog, and now in return I have done the same, but to prove a point. And that point is the one I made earlier about a redirect, which is your aim. The article and the spirit of this debate regarding the article was about veterans advocates fighting for a project in which they feel is a good fit for veterans. You however, deny that, attach discrediting accusations and then personally attach Dominic Moceri for myriad reasons which you state and then accuse him of using us as straw men when you don’t even know who we are. You never took the time to do your research and just lumped us in. And I asked you to not lump us in, but you cant help yourself can you? You insist upon redirecting us back to your apparent hatred of a developer who you think makes too much money and only wants to build warehouses (I was thinking of the bird sanctuary when you said that, and the water falls and other delights and couldn’t summon a warehouse anywhere in sight?).

        How do you like it when I make bold assumptions about you or attempt to get you off track? (Please don’t respond, that was a rhetorical question…there is no reason for us to continue because you don’t want to talk about how this project could empower veterans but rather how much you hate Dominic and supposedly how much money he makes!). For the record, one last time, the veteran advocacy is in support of a housing community in which veterans, specifically paralyzed veterans can make a home for themselves. Until the developer, community and TWP come to terms, which may or may not include the courts, that is all upon those involved: we advocates stand firm in that we applaud the developer for permitting us to help shape the community on behalf of those who have served. If the project doesn’t move forward, then we are of no concern, we simply disappear in search of other veteran worthy projects: yet if it does, we will ensure that honorable men and women who are also confined to wheel chairs or similar, will have a slice of the good life we are all entitled to.

        This is a polite way of telling you to go suck an egg with regard to impeding veteran advocacy. If you want to block the project, change it, etc., or smear others, distribute wealth the way you see fit, or whatever your intentions are, so be it, but leave me as a veteran advocate out of it (I include my colleagues without permission), and stop accusing us of unwholesomeness. We are NOT bad people for supporting a developer/a project that will allow us to serve our people, when and if it comes about. We are happy the community and the courts are aware of our support and if our support can empower the project we stand behind it. The TWP is required to approve projects good for the community and that is incumbent upon them and their legal protocol to do so, yet also our right to free assembly, speech and even those filing law suits on behalf of veterans is not only what we fight for as veterans, but as a constitutional right, so in your words, “please refrain” from slandering us to drive your own personal needs.

        If, in the words of your last post, “All sides in this have some compromises to make” you wish to continue on, with veteran advocates about the VETERAN side of this, and how we can shape the veteran housing component, the impact upon the community, etc., then so be it, lets engage in healthy debate no matter the pros or perceived cons or discussion thereof; yet any and all language regarding non veteran issues are on you and between others so STOP LUMPING US IN AND STOP SLANDERING US AND STOP CAUSING GRIEF FOR NO APPARENT OR NO GOOD REASON.

        In closing, please, do not respond. You have made it un-apologetically clear who you are. However, as a forgiving man, indeed a new post regarding the veteran is acceptable, otherwise, its clear, according to you, you are an all knowing, amazing individual and we are mere dirt bags and idiots in your opinion, so in that case, lets just move away from each other so you can throw dirt on others as you chose and the rest of us can look to make it a better place.

  5. Marty Rosalik

    Dick, thank you. I do remember that conversation. Hence my original “all or nothing” stance comment above. All sides in this have some comprimises to make.

  6. Marty Rosalik

    To the moderators here Richard and James.
    I now stand accused of slander. Again! I take this as a personal attack unbecoming this site. I NEVER said or tried to imply the following.

    “slandered by you as a treacherous dirt bag hell bent on burning your precious community!!) ”

    The rhetoric is approaching over-the-top and or fighting words. I guess you fellas might probably agree with them.

    I have kept my comments short and reasonably civil. I have attempted to disagree without being overly disagreeable. I have made NO accusations of wrongdoing. I will make NO apologies to them or you.

    I have made it clear what many feel in OT regarding DM only. NOT his family! NOT his brothers NOT these advocates. I have offered compromise on my one sticking point of the extra-large building I and others have called a “warehouse”. If that term is offensive, so be it. That’s my opinion and this site is for sharing opinions is it not?

    To be repeatedly accused of things I have NOT done here on this posting is wrong.

    Perhaps these guys want a provocation and a full blown sleazy response worthy of being called salacious. I’m not going to give it to them. I do expect your moderation here unless you are taking sides now.

    1. foulkrj Post author

      Mr. Rosalik,
      I agree that this thread is approaching a point that is inappropriate for this site. You are not blameless in this. I will carefully consider ending this thread if the dialogue does not return to a respectful tone towards all parties and participants.
      Jim Foulkrod

      1. Frank Campanaro


        I was called a straw man, and supposedly willing to do anything to get my hands on ungodly amounts of money, etc, etc. I sent a very professional email, and then was attacked again. Never once has the other person accepted the offer to dialog about veteran housing, just more attacks on the greedy moceri’s and the rest of us in collusion. Shouldn’t this forum be about the task at hand? Finally, I have not cursed, have been clear to state that in opinion, or apparently, etc., as in I may be wrong and have asked for any corrections. But the usual banter is the same theme: anti Moceri and zero explanation, apology or communication regarding accusing the veteran advocates of collusion, yet notice the last email demanded nothing but more accusations and protection for the accuser. Its a one way argument with zero dialog, or meaning. There is no focus on discussion to make the project better, just insinuations and personal attacks.

        Agreed, kill the thread…this will go nowhere.

        ps Sorry this had to happen to your peaceful site…but attacking veterans and accusing and/or insinuating us of collusion, greed, subterfuge, etc, is going to provoke an attack, especially when its blatantly false and unwarranted. You can count on me making no more comments.

      2. foulkrj Post author

        In the past in a different forum, I was the target of similar unrelenting attacks by Mr. Rosalik when I attempted to explain the reasons that I, as a Planning Commissioner, made the motion to recommend to the Board of Trustees that the Blossom Ridge proposal be approved because it followed every point of applicable law required for approval. I, like you, felt the need to leave that forum. I’m sorry but not surprised that your experience was similar. Thank you for your service and your support of veterans.
        Jim Foulkrod

      3. Frank Campanaro

        Dear Mr. Foulkrod,

        I am grateful for your comments sir. As a developer, and you a planning official, we both know the dedication on both sides, and how hard it indeed is. And sure, there are indeed a few no good businessmen and some lousy government people abound, yet overall, at the end of the day, its collaboration and most are dedicated professionals.

        We as advocates realize that property values are important and further that there is a stigma surrounding veteran housing, yet we also know that we have to support our veterans, or we will end up with another group of forgotten heroes (see Vietnam veterans). That said, a development also has to meet the requirements of the community and local protocol. Unfortunately, some things also go to court, but that said, its part of our process.

        Hopefully, everything in this situation works out for all parties involved and at the end of the day, maybe 10% of the units can be retrofit for paralyzed veterans, and the community can be proud and the veterans secure. If this doesn’t happen, its not because people didn’t try on all sides of the equation. And it certainly wont be due to the help of some!!!!!

        With regard to the individual who loves to be part of the problem vs the solution, well, in life as we know, there are those who aim to make a difference and those who don’t have the capacity to contribute. Nice to have support of a fellow producer. Also, like you, I was proud to do my part in serving the people.

        Safe weekend to you and yours.



      4. Marty Rosalik

        Mr. Campanaro was NEVER called a “straw man” The transformed argument from senior housing into one of Veterans is the “straw man”.

        Mr. Campanaro posted AFTER I referred to the argument about Blossom Ridge becoming a straw man argument. Check the time stamps. He is making claims about things I never did. He injected himself into this. I did say what I said about Mr. Moceri. Not Mr. C.

        The embellishments and far flung accusations reading all sorts of non-related things are not from me.

        Jim, on this thread, where have I been guilty of the things I am accused of? Yes I made a strong statement from the start but read the responses. When and if these guys want a dialog about how to bring Veteran’s housing to Oakland Township… I will be ready. All they need to do is ask without clubbing me into submission with all the insults.

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