Unbelievably, Supervisor Gonser refers to the east side of Oakland Township as ‘the ghetto’ – in a public forum!

On February 25, 2015 the 2015 Community Outlook Breakfast and Press Conference took place.  The leaders of Oakland Township, Rochester Hills, Rochester and the Rochester Community School System were given opportunities to respond to questions from the participants.  This is an annual event, and is intended to provide some insight into the current status of each of the communities and the Rochester School system.

During a response to one of the questions, Oakland Township Supervisor Gonser referred to the east side of Oakland Township as “the ghetto side of the Township”, to the shock of the other panelists. Gonser continued by stating that when he moved back into the Township, a realtor told him NOT to move on the east side of Rochester Road and that this area was not desirable.  

He did admit that he does live on the East side of the Township but added:

“but it is a very beautiful area. We’re across from Stony Creek Park.  But I say that (apparently the ghetto comment) in  jest.”

You may recall, as previously reported on this website, Gonser’s reference to people who live in subdivisions as ‘subdivision rats’.  That post can be watched by clicking here.

Gonser’s previous ‘subdivision rat’ comment

I will not attempt to capture all the words Gonser used in his most recent statement.  You must watch the following link to get a complete appreciation of our Supervisor’s opinions.

At the end of the meeting, there were even jokes about having the video team ‘edit out’ Gonser’s “Ghetto” comment.  If you listen carefully at the end, the video editor obviously DID edit something out when Gonser responded by saying:

“That will save my (edited out)”

The moderator responded by saying:

“It should.”

Why is this important to the Citizens of Oakland Township?  I think the answer to that is self evident!  Our Supervisor’s poor attempt at humor, with an apparent self deprecating comment, at the expense of the Township, in a public forum, clearly does not help the image of our Township.

At a minimum, the Supervisor should apologize to the community.

At this point, he can best serve the Township by resigning, saving all of us the embarrassment of his questionable leadership, damaging actions and comments.


2016 cannot come soon enough!!!

A person's actions tell you everthing you need to know

Richard Michalski

6 thoughts on “Unbelievably, Supervisor Gonser refers to the east side of Oakland Township as ‘the ghetto’ – in a public forum!

  1. Marc

    While Gonser was speaking in jest, there’s a Scottish saying “that many a true word is spoken in jest!”. From his Tea Party roots, to his crazy UN Agenda 21 conspiracy beliefs, and his public attack on the former Honorable Trustee Judy Keyes that she was a “liar and a thief” this man is clearly not fit for office.

    He needs to resign and Buxar, Bailey, or Langois need to take the charge until a new Supervisor can be elected in 2016.


    Marc Edwards

    1. Marty Rosalik

      I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Edwards on this. Is Terry Gonser the typical Tea Party member? He may have thought it wasn’t inappropriate but as another post here states. What about Twin Lakes? What about those who still make a living off agriculture on the east side? WoW!

  2. RL

    I simply cannot believe some of the things Gonser has said, the actions he has taken, and all of the FACTS that have come to light over the recent months. I guess I didn’t know I grew up in the ghetto of OT… Glad I moved west of Rochester Road to my current house! I wouldn’t want the riff-raff of the Twin Lakes “projects” or any of the multi million dollar houses causing me problems over there. I’ll tell my parents who still live in the ghetto to start locking their doors at night. Wow. Just wow. Gonser wanted the cameras and “transparency”, and now it seems that those pesky video cameras are working against him…

    1. judykeyes

      It is absolutely incumbent upon the Board as a whole to address, censure and monitor Terry’s unauthorized actions and illogical, irrational and damaging public statements to protect the residents whom they serve and uphold property values of same.

  3. Carolyn

    OK not appropriate, but I live here on the east side and am not offended. I believe we have smaller homes and many lower property values, basically a place people can actually afford to live in OT. The community is very diverse, the land beautiful and we love it here. Anyone looking at homes is NOT going to think this is a ghetto and if they do, then they should look elsewhere to be happy.

  4. B Kiel

    Extremely disappointed. His lack of professionalism and ability to lead are becoming more evident each week. Yes, I live on the ‘ghetto’ side..what a pathetically poor choice of words. Frankly I do not need a McMansion to feel happy with where I live. That said, there is no excuse for his choice of words. This statement alone could be cause for property values to decrease, potential buyers to reconsider moving to our area, and a general distrust by the electorate. Obviously the east side is NOT a ghetto, but the fact he used those words speaks volumes about his leadership, is embarrassing to him as well as the property owners in that area. As a leader he is a nightmare, and WE, who are paying him, deserve better.


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