Supervisor Gonser makes false accusations again!!!!

When Trustee Buxar and Treasurer Langlois requested in investigation into the inappropriate sharing of ‘privileged and confidential’ material between Supervisor Gonser, Trustee Thalmann and Park’s Commissioner Ann Marie Rogers at the March 24, 2015 Township Board meeting, Supervisor Gonser responded by implying that fellow Board members may have provided inappropriate material to two private citizens – the author of this post and Robert Yager.  One of these accusations was immediately challenged and confirmed to be false by Trustee Buxar and the Township Attorney.  He ALREADY knew that his statement was false, since how those records were obtained had previously been discussed by the Board, and he had participated in that discussion.  The second accusation was confirmed to be false at the April 14th Board meeting by the Township Attorney.  In both cases the information was obtained legally by Robert Yager and myself without any inappropriate actions by Board members, Robert Yager or myself.

Here is a video of the proceedings from the two meetings:



These false accusations by our Supervisor are the latest in a series of false statements by Supervisor Gonser.  Several additional examples are documented below.


Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  We expect our elected officials to be truthful and honest in their actions and statements.  It appears that Supervisor Gonser believes that his best defense is a good offense (even if his statements prove to be false).

This behavior is not new.  At the March 10, 2015 Board meeting, he falsely accused Trustee Buxar of not supporting road improvements when her appointment to the road improvement subcommittee was being discussed.

Another example is when, at the January 13, 2015 Board meeting, Supervisor Gonser falsely accused four other Board members of violating the Open Meetings Act (OMA).

Supervisor Gonser accuses other Board members of violating OMA.

One of his more notable false accusation was recently reported on this website when he made false accusations against former Trustee Judy Keyes.

Supervisor Gonser retracts his slanderous statement against former Township Trustee

Oakland Township deserves better!  Maybe it is time for our Supervisor to join former Trustee Thalmann by submitting his resignation letter too!

A person's actions tell you everthing you need to know

Richard Michalski


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