JUNE 21st UPDATE: Is Drilling for Oil and Gas coming to Oakland Township? Please attend June 23 Board meeting!

As previously reported, a discussion about Oil and Gas drilling in Oakland Township is on the June 23, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting.  Assuming the Board will allow comments from citizens on this subject, we anticipate spokespersons from the Rochester Hills Don’t Drill the Hills group, and the Shelby Citizens Against Residential Drilling group (CARD)  will provide specific suggestions to our Board based on their communities’ recent experiences.  

If you want to learn more about this issue in Oakland Township, and/or have some opinions on it, please come to the June 23rd meeting.  Oakland Township Citizen involvement  is important on this critical issue.

Here is a copy of the agenda:

June 23, 2015 BOT agenda

Here is a link to a recent Oakland Press article regarding this topic:

June 19th Oakland Press article

Richard Michalski

6 thoughts on “JUNE 21st UPDATE: Is Drilling for Oil and Gas coming to Oakland Township? Please attend June 23 Board meeting!

  1. Barbara Kiel

    I have watched how this issue went down in Shelby Township, which has 70,000 residents. They had to deal with a drilling site 450 feet from nearby gorgeous homes. And nearby homes for sale, promptly sank in value. Only through a massive efforts on the part of residents did they ‘beat back’ the drilling. Supposedly the company withdrew because well did not produce ( really?? ie: they spent hundreds of thousands to find that out?) Many more of us are still on well water in this area and a problem with drilling could be utterly devastating to us. Given this ‘new’ era of drilling methods( fracking and chemicals etc), the potential of problems is just to high to risk our townships health and safety. I dearly hope our board is not just seeing dollar signs, but realizes they are sitting on the cusp of a major decision that could impact our entire community. They will need to quickly come up to speed and self educate what the Shelby residents had to find out on their own..it is dangerous to have this near residential areas..including school. parks etc.

    1. Barbara Kiel

      Addendum. I will not hesitate to sell, and move out of this community if the board chooses to allow drilling. We chose Oakland Twp for its nature and amenities..oil drilling was not part of that dream.

    2. Rich Fusinski

      Industrial accidents involving oil & gas exploration and extraction are all too common, and the risks to the aquifer from injection of acids into the ground need to be heavily weighed against any potential economic benefits, which are dubious at best. Oakland Township can choose to be a leader on this issue or to be complicit in an almost-certain future surface or sub-surface environmental accident which will destroy property and lives. There is absolutely zero need for drilling in residential areas. Take a stand!

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