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“Oil and Gas Drilling” is on July 14, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting agenda

At the June 23, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting, the Board asked that the Township Attorney provide some guidance regarding actions that the Board could take to protect the Township from inappropriate Oil and Gas drilling in Oakland Township.  Surrounding communities were successful in putting a drilling moratorium in place until their communities could review and modify their ordinances to protect their communities.

The Oil/Gas drilling issue is on the July 14, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting agenda.

Let our township officials know you support a temporary and enforceable 6 month drilling moratorium. Following the process of the surrounding communities, the moratorium can be predicated on providing the time to investigate and install zoning or other ordinance(s) relating to oil/gas activities and infrastructure.  Since the Board is currently reviewing a proposed draft Zoning Ordinance for Oakland Township (Ordinance #16), it seems appropriate a moratorium could be justified.

The meeting starts at 7:00 PM at the Township Hall located on 4393 Collins Road.

Here is a copy of the agenda:

July 14, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting agenda

Richard Michalski