UPDATE: Has decision been made on the owner/operator of the water systems for two Oakland Township areas?

At the July 14, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting, Treasurer Langlois clarified the statement she had made at the June 23, 2015 Board meeting.  Her previous comments implied that a decision had been made regarding how two community water systems would be owned and operated.  Her June 23rd comments were previously reported on this website.

In her July 14th statement, she indicated that no decision has been made on any agreement with the Oakland County Water Resource Commission, but that meetings with the attorneys involved are taking place.  She said:

“The Board will decide publicly how the future of Oakland Township’s water will be handled.  What our role will be and what the County’s role will be.”

At the May 26, 2015 Oakland Township Board meeting, Trustee Giannangeli stated:

“There are still options at going to Detroit City water and ‘inaudible’.  So there are a lot of options on the table.”

It appears the Board HAS made a decision to not proceed with the options that Trustee Giannangeli referenced.

Here is a video of Treasurer Langlois’ comments:


Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  Any decisions regarding the owning, operating or enhancing the water supply systems that are being proposed in two parts of our Township must be made in a public forum.  The operation and cost for the systems will affect many residents of our Township.  Many months ago, the Board indicated that there would be an Oakland Township Water Committee that would include citizen volunteers from the two community water systems districts.  It does not appear the committee has ever been established.  Oakland Township would best be served if the Board gets citizen involvement during their deliberations, not just after they formulate their plans.

Richard Michalski

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