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Board of Trustees Appoints One Planning Commissioner and Planning Consultants

At the 10/27/15 meeting of the Board of Trustees Supervisor Gonser appointed, subject to Board of Trustees’ approval, Dominic Abbate and Lana Mangiapane to fill the commission’s vacancies. You can view their applications using the links below.

Mangiapane PC Application

Abbate PC Application

Mr. Gonser first asked for a motion for the board to approve his appointment of Ms. Mangiapane .  No member of the Board of Trustees spoke to make that motion.  Treasurer Langlois commented that the board had, at their previous meeting, requested,  by a majority vote, that Gonser nominate  applicants who had substantial and applicable experience. Trustee Ferriolo commented that the Planning Commission already has one member who is a real estate agent and that he feels that having another commissioner in that profession would be inappropriate.  He went on to make a motion to approve the appointment of Dominic Abbate.  That motion was approved.

In the next agenda item the board approved the firm Carlisle Wortman to become the township’s planning consulting firm.  They will initially be represented by Mr. Doug Lewan.  The board additionally approved the hiring of Mr. Doug Mendes to fill the vacant township Planning Coordinator position.  Mr. Mendes will serve as an independent contractor.

Having personally served on the Planning Commission I am glad to see this progress on giving the Commission this much needed support.

Jim Foulkrod