2016 Election


Over the next few weeks, the editors of this website will post the positions of various Oakland Township candidates on critical issues facing our community.  We have solicited input from Township Board candidates on one critical issue so far.  That issue is whether Oakland Township should change from its current “Strong Board/ Township Manager” form of governance to what Supervisor Gonser has been promoting as the “Strong Supervisor” form of governance.  

The candidate positions will be posted as received and will be unedited.  Their positions will appear in a ‘drop down’ menu that appears when you move your curser over the words ‘2016 CANDIDATE POSITIONS’ just to the right of the ‘HOME’ tab at the top of his page.  You can then click on the response received from each of the candidates.

By providing this service to our community, we hope the citizens of Oakland Township will make ‘informed’ decisions in the August 2, 2016 election.

Please visit the website frequently, as we will start posting their response to our request soon.

We thank the candidates in advance for their willingness to be transparent and provide their position on this matter. 

If you have another issue that you would like to obtain each candidate’s opinion on, please make that request by adding a comment at the bottom of this page.  We will try to get responses from the candidates on the issue you raised.

Richard Michalski and Jim Foulkrod

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