Form of governance – Supervisor candidate Andy Zale position

The following response was received from Andy Zale almost four weeks after the initial request was made:

I have absolutely no desire to change Oakland Township’s Government structure.

As Chairman of the Park Board for the past 3 years, it has been my great pleasure to work with our accomplished and proficient Parks Director. Together with the Park Board, we have an excellent track record of focusing on important issues and working together to implement solutions. As Supervisor, I look forward to this same professional and productive relationship with our Township Manager.

Furthermore, in any government or organization, the structure is always secondary to the quality of leadership. It is time for a new Township Supervisor, regardless of the benefits or disadvantages to our current government structure. As I talk to residents about the bright future of our township, many have told me that they plan to vote for a new supervisor, while less than a handful have mentioned the desire for a full-time supervisor.

Andy Zale