Form of governance – Trustee candidate (and current Trustee) Robin Buxar position

I support our current form of administration with a Township Manager. For the three years I have been on the Board of Trustees; my voting record and discourse demonstrate that fact. My reasons behind that position are as follows: The Township Manager reports to the full board in its entirety. They must seek approval from the majority of the board and can not act unilaterally on matters of importance, high cost or enter the Township into any binding contract without this approval. That allows for every member of the 7 member Board of Trustees to have an active vote. It provides more comprehensive representation of ALL the people of Township whereas one person’s point of view (eg – the supervisor) does not out weigh the vote, position, knowledge, personal experience, etc. of the other members. 4 members must agree on a course of action before it can be undertaken. Further; the Township Manger handles day to day operations of the Township, provides continuity between elected positions and brings to the Township a knowledge base of governmental processes not typically known by those residents that run for election positions.

Robin Buxar – OT Trustee