Form of governance – Trustee candidate Brian Blust position

Oakland Township has been well served with the partnership of the elected Township Supervisor working in conjunction with a permanent Township Manager. While the Supervisor position, being an elected position, is designed to bring the potential of change and upheaval every 4 years to reflect the current perspectives of the residents of Oakland Township. The permanent Township Manager position is designed to bring years of experience and longer term consistency in guiding the township through the day to day activities toward our longer term goals.

A strong Township Manager, Township Supervisor team is best for our township. The team brings multiple perspectives together to enable a balanced approach to the running of the township. It is the partnership of the Township Supervisor and Township Manager that has built Oakland Township to be the place we all choose to call home.

Shifting all the power to a single individual moves the township away from a balanced working team, and moves us toward the whims and idiosyncrasies of a single person’s perspectives and biases. Moving both roles to a single person, unbalances the discussion, unbalances the diversity of the perspectives and unbalances the short term needs from the long term plans.

Oakland Township should retain the partnership of the Township Supervisor working hand in hand with the Township Manager. It is a partnership that provides balance, perspective and experience. It is a partnership that we should fight to protect and retain.