Form of governance – Trustee candidate Dominic Abbate position

Thank you for the opportunity to state my position on the form of our Township governance. My position has not changed since the current form of governance was adopted in the late 90”s.

At that time, I was in my fourth term as a Township Trustee and concurred with the adoption of a hired professional Township Manager. The Township was growing and continuing to become the great place to live that it is today. However, challenges were looming and they would have to be dealt with.

There were then, and are now, many intelligent, personable and good people from which residents could elect as Township Supervisor. However, I thought the demands that would be faced by a growing township would require a professional trained in meeting future challenges. This concept was then and is now ahead of other townships, just as we were when we became a Charter Township years ago.

I am confident that the residents that made this township desirable and the people who moved here because of that are qualified to elect a Township Board that is capable to hire a professional Manager. This manager would have the experience and knowledge to help run the Township effectively and professionally, all under the control of the elected Board of Trustees.

Dominic Abbate