Form of governance – Trustee candidate Jeaneane Landers position


Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I wanted to gather as much information and public. opinion as I could before responding. I know the ballots are being mailed on the 29th and will reach homes on the 30th so thats in just under a week. I spoke with about 400 citizens and contacted other Townships as promised. I would have to say that would prefer a full time supervisor with a part time superintendent. I would add that I think the board should have final say in the appointment of the superintendent. Only three of the fifteen townships I contacted felt strongly in favor of having a manager. Citizens seemed to feel that they elect a supervisor because they like his/her ideas and positions and feel that individual should run the township. I understand your concern if we elect someone with little experience in a particular area of governance.I feel a part time superintendent to compliment the strengths of the citizen elected official would solve that issue. In general,I think people do not want to feel they are only voting for a figure head.



Thank you for asking my opinion on this important subject. I have been researching the different ways that townships in Michigan operate.My understanding is there are basically 3 types. The first is our current system where we have and elected Supervisor with an appointed Manager, Second is an elected Supervisor who personally manages the township and third is an elected Supervisor who works with a part time assistant usually called a superintendent. I can see pros and cons to each system. I have contacted about 15 different townships in various parts of Michigan asking the township boards why they feel their system is best..I also intend to ask citizens of Oakland Township how they feel about the subject as I campaign. I prefer to learn as much about an issue before choosing a side. Once I have had an opportunity to speak other township boards and citizens of our community I will email you back with my opinion. I promise this will be well ahead of the election! I am a firm believer in looking at all sides of a subject prior to forming an opinion.
Jeaneane Landers