Daily Archives: June 1, 2016

What are the official Facebook pages for Oakland Township and the “Oakland Township Park Protector” candidates?

There may be some confusion in our Township regarding the authenticity of ‘official’ Facebook pages that are on the web. The Oakland Township Watchers editors have received an email from Oakland Township administration requesting that we clarify which sites are the only official sites of the Township.

Here is the official Township Facebook website:

Township Facebook website

Here is the official Township Parks and Recreation Facebook website:

Township Parks and Recreation Facebook website


Similarly, the group of seven candidates for the Parks and Recreation Commission, who are endorsed by the longstanding members of the current Parks and Recreation Commission, and call their group “Park Protectors”, have a website and a Facebook page. ┬áTheir rival candidates have a surprisingly similar Facebook name.

Here are the links for the “Real” Oakland Township Park Protectors.

Park Protector website

Oakland Township Park Protector Facebook website

Please visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about these seven candidates, then make every effort to remember their names for the August 2nd election.

Richard Michalski