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Demonstration of Township’s automated CPR device – LUCAS

On June 28, 2016, Oakland Township’s Fire department gave a demonstration of the automated CPR device our Township’s emergency vehicles now carry.  Hopefully, none of us will ever need this device, but it is nice to know we have such devices available to help save lives in our Township.  

The attached video shows how the device is used.

Richard Michalski

Letter to the Editors – from Parks Commissioner Joe Peruzzi

We received a letter from current Parks Commissioner Joseph Peruzzi regarding yesterday’s election, and the work preceding it.  We thought we should share it with our readers.  Here it is:

The August 2nd Primary was a true acid test for the heart and soul of Oakland Township. Fortunately, residents in our community came through with flying colors as demonstrated by their rejection of those who resorted to name calling, harassment and misleading statements over the past four years.

This column has reported in detail much of the controversial behavior on the part of some at township board meetings and Parks and Recreation meetings. Such reporting, supported in detail by the very words and actions on video of these perpetrators, had to be a monumental task for the creators of this column. Perseverance was the order of the day and township residents are better for it.

But as the saying goes “many hands make for light work,” such was the case in this election. Many hands did come forward to help in this election. Some came in the form of successful candidates standing for re-election. Other newcomers stepped up of their own accord to run for office in what obviously was going to be a hotly contested debate that pulled no punches when it came to name calling, vilification, disinformation, etc.

Other residents served behind the scenes to lend their support through funding and volunteering their time and talent that helped greatly to turn the tide in this township.

And of course, Oakland Township residents who voted in the primary must receive the greatest share of thanks for coming to the polls to support candidates for our Board of Trustees and Parks and Recreation Commission, and to help save our Parks Millage.

With that said now is the time for Oakland Township to once again begin the process of moving forward in serving the needs of residents and not the individual needs of certain politicians and political wannabes. It is time to work on consensus and not confrontation. It is time to truly recognize and appreciate the special characteristics of this beautiful township.

We are the stewards of this community—at least for a short while—and it is all our responsibility to preserve it the best we can for future generations. That is the best legacy we can pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Congratulations to those candidates who have been chosen to lead our community for the next four years. And congratulations to our residents who made that leadership possible.

Joseph Peruzzi

Parks Commmissioner

Well said Joe!

Richard Michalski


Civility will return to Oakland Township! Our reputation restored!

Congratulations! Our collective efforts have been successful!


Here are the names of the unofficial winners of the Oakland Township Board positions for 2016-2020 – pending the results of the November election:

Supervisor – Mike Bailey

Treasurer – Jeanne Langlois

Clerk – Karen Reilly

Trustee – Robin Buxar

Trustee – Frank Ferriolo

Trustee – John Giannangeli

Trustee – Lana Mangiapane  (only member of Terry Gonser’s ‘ticket’)

Here are the names of the unofficial winners of the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation Commission positions for 2016-2020 – pending the results of the November election:

Emily Barkham

Craig Blust

Dan Bukowski

Colin Choi

Cathy Rooney

Daniel Simon

Hank Van Agen

In addition, both the Parks renewal millage and the OPC transportation millage were approved.

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?

With these public servants:

  • Civil, ethical and professional behavior will be restored at both the Board and Parks Commission level.
  • Turmoil regarding the form of governance in Oakland Township will be eliminated.
  • The certainty of the position of Township Manager will enable us to have the most qualified professional municipal manager run the day to day operations in the Township.
  • Conflicts between the Board and the Parks and Recreation Commission will be eliminated.
  • The great reputation of our Township will be restored.

Will there be difficult and contentious issues our community will have to deal with?  Absolutely!  Will there be differences of opinion on how to resolve the issues?  Absolutely!

However, we have seen how the returning Board members have developed and worked together as a team over the past few years.  Our future looks bright!

Thanks to all the great candidates that chose to run for office!  Thanks to the retiring Parks and Recreation Commission members for ‘vetting’ the new Commission’s candidates, so their legacy will continue!  Thanks to the countless others that helped get the new officials elected! Thanks to all those who have been following this website!  Thanks to all of those who contributed to the ‘Oakland Township Watchers Action Committee’ for helping to make the election results a success!

BUT, most of all, thanks to all those who voted!


Richard Michalski & Jim Foulkrod




MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU VOTE: Gonser’s supporter’s ‘dirty politics’ caught on surveillance video

On August 1, 2016, a day before the election, a supporter of Terry Gonser was caught on surveillance video removing a flier from an Oakland Township owner’s door (although impossible to tell, it appears to have been an Andy Zale flier that is Red White and Blue) and then peered into the house for an eerily long period of time, scaring the children.  She left a copy of Supervisor Gonser’s campaign flier on the door.  

This is yet another example of the lack of integrity in Supervisor Gonser and his campaign.  Please watch the following video.  It should convince you not to vote for Terry Gonser.  It was enough to convince the owner.

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  



Richard Michalski


Your vote on Tuesday is critical to Oakland Township’s future!

A resident recently made a comment thanking Jim Foulkrod and me for creating this website.  Given the importance of Tuesday’s election, I thought I would share my response with all of you.  Your votes on Tuesday will have a great impact on the future of our Township.  We really cannot afford another four years of Terry Gonser as our Supervisor, and the unprofessional behavior of several candidates running for the Parks and Recreation Commission.  Here is  my response:


Thank you for your kind words. The past 3 years were nothing that Jim Foulkrod and I could have predicted. We never thought we would have seen the need to create this website. Both Jim and I had been involved in the Township for years. Jim as a ZBA member, Planning Commission member, Safety Path and Trails Committee member and Township Board Trustee. My involvement was as a Planning Commissioner for almost 27 years. We saw our Township grow and develop. What we were not prepared for was the Township leadership being taken over by someone who considered himself omnipotent, omniscient and was despotic.  We were also not prepared for the unprofessional and unethical behavior of several on the Parks and Recreation Commission.

When Terry Gonser became our Supervisor, we were all threatened. We had to do something to try to keep the citizens informed. On Tuesday, we will find out if we accomplished that goal. It is hard to believe how any person, who understands the things Gonser has done, would vote for him. Yet, we see many signs in our Township supporting Gonser.

Over the years, we have challenged not only Gonser, but the other Board members. We believe we had an impact on the other Board members who initially agreed with Gonser usurping their authority. We have been very careful to make sure all our articles were factual. Terry has repeatedly stated the site is full of lies and innuendo’s. I responded by telling him that if he would identify any false item, I would retract the statement and apologize. There never has been a response from him!

Thanks again, and hope we can celebrate on Tuesday evening!

Richard Michalski

So, if you care about our Township, please get out and vote on Tuesday!  Our future is at stake.

Richard Michalski