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Your vote on Tuesday is critical to Oakland Township’s future!

A resident recently made a comment thanking Jim Foulkrod and me for creating this website.  Given the importance of Tuesday’s election, I thought I would share my response with all of you.  Your votes on Tuesday will have a great impact on the future of our Township.  We really cannot afford another four years of Terry Gonser as our Supervisor, and the unprofessional behavior of several candidates running for the Parks and Recreation Commission.  Here is  my response:


Thank you for your kind words. The past 3 years were nothing that Jim Foulkrod and I could have predicted. We never thought we would have seen the need to create this website. Both Jim and I had been involved in the Township for years. Jim as a ZBA member, Planning Commission member, Safety Path and Trails Committee member and Township Board Trustee. My involvement was as a Planning Commissioner for almost 27 years. We saw our Township grow and develop. What we were not prepared for was the Township leadership being taken over by someone who considered himself omnipotent, omniscient and was despotic.  We were also not prepared for the unprofessional and unethical behavior of several on the Parks and Recreation Commission.

When Terry Gonser became our Supervisor, we were all threatened. We had to do something to try to keep the citizens informed. On Tuesday, we will find out if we accomplished that goal. It is hard to believe how any person, who understands the things Gonser has done, would vote for him. Yet, we see many signs in our Township supporting Gonser.

Over the years, we have challenged not only Gonser, but the other Board members. We believe we had an impact on the other Board members who initially agreed with Gonser usurping their authority. We have been very careful to make sure all our articles were factual. Terry has repeatedly stated the site is full of lies and innuendo’s. I responded by telling him that if he would identify any false item, I would retract the statement and apologize. There never has been a response from him!

Thanks again, and hope we can celebrate on Tuesday evening!

Richard Michalski

So, if you care about our Township, please get out and vote on Tuesday!  Our future is at stake.

Richard Michalski