MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU VOTE: Gonser’s supporter’s ‘dirty politics’ caught on surveillance video

On August 1, 2016, a day before the election, a supporter of Terry Gonser was caught on surveillance video removing a flier from an Oakland Township owner’s door (although impossible to tell, it appears to have been an Andy Zale flier that is Red White and Blue) and then peered into the house for an eerily long period of time, scaring the children.  She left a copy of Supervisor Gonser’s campaign flier on the door.  

This is yet another example of the lack of integrity in Supervisor Gonser and his campaign.  Please watch the following video.  It should convince you not to vote for Terry Gonser.  It was enough to convince the owner.

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  



Richard Michalski


4 thoughts on “MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU VOTE: Gonser’s supporter’s ‘dirty politics’ caught on surveillance video

  1. Karen Hyre

    Aug 1st about 9:45 pm. I saw Gonser placing his own “vote for” Gonser sign on E Snell. Between Rochester Rd / and Sheldon on the south side. I am betting he does not have the owners permission since if was not placed much earlier but it is a very strategic position on the way to vote at Hugger Elementary

  2. Diana

    So happy to see the election results last night.
    But at the same time shocked at how low the turn out was! Local government is where citizens can effect the most change, as witnessed by Mr. Bailey winning the election.

  3. Jeff

    Very pleased with the results. In the key race it wasn’t close. I’m glad that we have citizens that pay attention.


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