Civility will return to Oakland Township! Our reputation restored!

Congratulations! Our collective efforts have been successful!


Here are the names of the unofficial winners of the Oakland Township Board positions for 2016-2020 – pending the results of the November election:

Supervisor – Mike Bailey

Treasurer – Jeanne Langlois

Clerk – Karen Reilly

Trustee – Robin Buxar

Trustee – Frank Ferriolo

Trustee – John Giannangeli

Trustee – Lana Mangiapane  (only member of Terry Gonser’s ‘ticket’)

Here are the names of the unofficial winners of the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation Commission positions for 2016-2020 – pending the results of the November election:

Emily Barkham

Craig Blust

Dan Bukowski

Colin Choi

Cathy Rooney

Daniel Simon

Hank Van Agen

In addition, both the Parks renewal millage and the OPC transportation millage were approved.

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?

With these public servants:

  • Civil, ethical and professional behavior will be restored at both the Board and Parks Commission level.
  • Turmoil regarding the form of governance in Oakland Township will be eliminated.
  • The certainty of the position of Township Manager will enable us to have the most qualified professional municipal manager run the day to day operations in the Township.
  • Conflicts between the Board and the Parks and Recreation Commission will be eliminated.
  • The great reputation of our Township will be restored.

Will there be difficult and contentious issues our community will have to deal with?  Absolutely!  Will there be differences of opinion on how to resolve the issues?  Absolutely!

However, we have seen how the returning Board members have developed and worked together as a team over the past few years.  Our future looks bright!

Thanks to all the great candidates that chose to run for office!  Thanks to the retiring Parks and Recreation Commission members for ‘vetting’ the new Commission’s candidates, so their legacy will continue!  Thanks to the countless others that helped get the new officials elected! Thanks to all those who have been following this website!  Thanks to all of those who contributed to the ‘Oakland Township Watchers Action Committee’ for helping to make the election results a success!

BUT, most of all, thanks to all those who voted!


Richard Michalski & Jim Foulkrod




7 thoughts on “Civility will return to Oakland Township! Our reputation restored!

  1. Diana

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Without you all reporting and posting the videos of the meetings the truth would not have been so obvious. Well done!

  2. judykeyes

    I am so grateful you and Jim made the commitment with your time, money and energy to do this for our community over the past 4 years. You both have made a difference and we are so grateful to both of you for your organized facts and documentation. An informed voter is an effective voter. We were most effective yesterday, with the exception of only one candidate. Thank you to both of you.

  3. Sharon McKay, past Trustee

    Although we haven’t lived in Oakland Township for the past few years, but have been kept informed of the continuation of discord, upheaval and unprofessionalism by a few Parks Commissioners and Board of Trustee’s. Happily one jumped ship when caught in an activity that “wasn’t a crime,” and was replaced.

    We are sure with a much needed newly elected Supervisor, who has good intentions for the township and not his ego, Mike Bailey will do a great job. Along with the reelected Trustees, they will be able to get much accomplished for the best interest of the Township as was the intention four years ago.

    Also, congratulations to a new Parks and Recreation Commission. We are confident you will continue the good work that was done before you for your parks and bring new ideas to light.

    A BIG thank-you going out to Richard and Jim for the Oakland Township Watchers web postings. As spoken before, I think many, many actions, words and conduct would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the two of you exposing them.


  4. francis P. Hughes

    It was great to see Mike Bailey elected Township Supervisor and a relief to see Gonser defeated..Gonser proved to all of us that his noble ideas were not very noble at all.

    Francis P. Hughes


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