Summary of February 28, 2017 BOT meeting

The following is a summary of the major actions taken by the Township Board at the February 28, 2017 BOT meeting:

  • Approved a two year extension for the Hidden Creek Subdivision that is West of Sheldon Road, between Snell and Mead Roads.  It is Northeast of Oakland Valley subdivision and East of Coachlamp subdivision.
  • Approved a contract to replace the boiler at the Paint Creek Cider Mill.
  • Approved a two year extension for Plante Moran Audit services for our Township.
  • Approved a three year contract for the services of our current Township Manager, Dale Stuart.  Contract is an “at will” contract, and does have 3% increase from the current contract of $90,000.  Future increases would be based on action taken by the Board for other employees of the township.

During the Township Manager report, Dale Stuart commented on the reason he recommends the Township own the community water systems serving some of our Township residents.  He clarifies why some issues raised by several residents at a previous meeting were inaccurate.  This topic will be further discussed at future Board meetings.  Here is a video of his comments:


Richard Michalski


1 thought on “Summary of February 28, 2017 BOT meeting

  1. Cam Mannino

    Thanks, Dick. This is really helpful. I hope the BOT does take ownership of the water system, as the township manager suggests, but keeps the contract for maintenance with the county, so that we’d have no need to expend the money to create our own public works dept. The county’s reportedly done a fine job fixing water problems since the 1960’s and should continue that service for us. And I, like Mr. Stuart, think a citizens’ committee on the issue of storage would also be useful. I don’t know what options are open to the township concerning water treatment, since so much of the township uses wells, either individual ones or community ones. I’m open, of course, to more input on these subjects and hope to get more information from the BOT, as they assured us would be forthcoming.


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