Draft Oakland Township Master Plan now available on Township website

One of the agenda items for the March 14, 2017 BOT meeting is a discussion of the Draft Master Plan for Oakland Township.  This document plays a major role in defining the future configuration of our Township.  It can be used in legal battles the Township faces regarding future land development.

The Township Planning commission has been working on this plan for several years.  The Board packet of information relating to the March 14th meeting did not include a copy of the draft plan.  The Township has now added it to the Planning & Zoning portion of the website.  Here is a link to that page.  You can go to the website, and then click on the draft Master Plan document if you want to review it prior to the Board meeting.


Richard Michalski

1 thought on “Draft Oakland Township Master Plan now available on Township website

  1. alanjadams

    Outstanding work. Very thorough and well-written report. Should prove very useful as a framework for future decisions and policy. All are to be commended. This is the type of work in which local government should be engaged.


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