Summary of March 28, 2017 BOT meeting

The following is a summary of the major actions taken by the Township Board at the March 28, 2017 BOT meeting:

  • Approved a Resolution to transfers the ‘ownership and property interest’ of the community water supply systems, currently owned and operated by the Oakland County Water Resource Commission, to the Charter Township of Oakland.  The reason for the transfer was so the Township has more control over the design, size, location and funding for the water storage facilities that are now required by the State.
  • Requested that the Township manager attempt to determine the reason for two requests the Township made in the 70’s or 80’s, to the DNR, for specific hunting zone restrictions within the Township.  This information may, or may not, result in further action by the Board. The Board currently believes that the existing control methods are adequate, but wanted a better understanding of the historic requests.
  • Approved several Budget amendments to the 2016/17 Budget.
  • Approved the 2017/18 Budget.
  • Approved $8,950 for contractor work at Cranberry Lake, based on the Historic District Commission’s request.
  • Approved the Historic District Commission’s Capital Improvement plan, that included several Cranberry Lake improvement items that require obtaining a Michigan Recreation Passport Grant to help fund the improvements.
  • Approved the application for the Michigan Recreation Passport Grant mentioned above.
  • Delegated the final decision for the new Paint Creek Cider Mill Heating and Cooling component installation location to the Board subcommittee members.  Two alternatives are being considered.  One on the newly improved deck on the back of the building facing the creek, the other on the front of the building.  The Board requested a decision be made by April 7th. The costs for installing the equipment on the front of the building are  currently undetermined.
  • Approved sending out the Township Board’s revised Master Plan to the surrounding communities for their input.  (A separate post will be issued regarding this issue.)
  • Approved purchasing 72 new chairs for Fire Station #2 at a cost of $5,862.

Richard Michalski

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