Summary of the April 25, 2017 Oakland Township Board meeting

The following is a summary of the major actions taken by the Township Board at the April 25, 2017 BOT meeting:

  • The Board approved a Safety Path and Trails strategy plan that will be an appendix to the, yet unapproved, Oakland Township Master Plan.
  • The Board approved the appointment of Libby Dwyer to the Safety Path and Trail committee for a three year period.  Libby has been the chairperson for the Safety Path and Trails committee for the past few years.
  • The Board approved the appointment of two Historic District Commission members: Gene Ferrera and Donald Westphal.
  • The Board approved a prepayment of Oakland Township’s share (approximately $525,000) for improvements to the Water Resource Commission’s sewage sludge treatment.  They could have chosen to fund the project through a bond proposal.  Since the cash is currently available in the Township’s accounts, it made more sense to them to make the payment now and eliminate the higher interest expense associated with the bonds.  The Bond interest would be a higher rate than what the Township is currently making on the money in our accounts.
  • The Board approved a proposal (which was developed by the Board’s road sub-committee) that identified the roads that would be serviced by the Road Commission’s Tri-Party fund.  The proposal also included several additional road improvement items that would be solely funded by the Township. A SEPARATE POST WILL BE MADE WITH THE DETAILS OF THIS PROPOSAL.
  • The Board approved retaining our Township’s current Liability insurance company.
  • The Board approved a contract for the Landscaping services of our Township properties.

Richard Michalski


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