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September Township Board meetings will define our Township for the foreseeable future

Oakland Township’s Planning Commission has been working on our Township’s Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance for several years.  These are two of the most important documents that control the future growth in our Township.   Recent public statements about the poor planning in the Houston area highlight the importance of good local management and control of future growth in a community.

The September 12, 2017 Oakland Township Board meeting has the approval of the Planning Commission’s Master Plan as a agenda item.  The document is the product of work of the Planning Commission.  Legally, the document does not require the approval of the Township Board.  However, our Board has approved a resolution that requires their approval before it is official.  Here is a link to the Master Plan document:

Full Draft for Adoption 8-7-17 (REDUCED)

Here is proposed Future Land Use Map (click on image to enlarge)

Here is the latest Zoning Map (click on link to view)

Zoning Map- July 2017

Similarly, the Planning Commission has also spent several years working on updating our Township Zoning Ordinance.  This document does statutorily require Board approval.  The “First Reading” of the document occurred at the August 22, Board meeting.  The “Second Reading” is scheduled for September 26, 2017.  Here is a link to the Draft Zoning Ordinance:

Click to access Final%20Draft%20CORRECTED%208-31-17.pdf

There have been MANY public hearing at the Planning Commission level, and some at the Board level regarding the content of these two documents.  As a result, the Board will probably approve the documents unless there is some ‘fatal flaw’ that residents find in them.  If you have not already participated in the earlier reviews, please look over the documents, and attend the appropriate meeting to voice your approval or concerns.

Richard Michalski

Summary of Recent Oakland Township Board meetings (July and August, 2017)

The following is a summary of the last four Oakland Township Board meetings held in July and August of 2017. There continue to be no controversial issues that have either been brought up, or created, by the Board.  However, in the near future, the Board will be taking action on two items that will affect our Township for several years.  Those two actions are the approval of the Master Plan and modifications to our Zoning Ordinance – Ordinance 16.  A separate post will be published on those two items.

July 11, 2017

  • Unanimously approved a contract for the purpose of Right-of-Way Phragmites Treatment Project with PLM Lake & Land Management in the amount of $6500.

July 25, 2017

  • Unanimously approved the Rochester Hills – Oakland – Rochester Older Person’s Commission Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution.
  • Unanimously approved an Orchard Fencing contract with M.E.I. Construction for a cost of $14,000 from Historic District Commission appropriated funds.

August 8, 2017

  • Unanimously approved a Lease Agreement between the Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township and Charter Township of Oakland with an amendment that the “Tenant shall also procure and keep in effect insurance coverage in the amount of $500,000 per occurrence for property damage to the Tribute, or in a higher amount based on a verifiable increase in the Tribute property value, with such coverage being in effect the day after construction is complete”.
  • Unanimously approved Resolution 17-14 Regarding the Acquisition of Property through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund to accept the terms of the Agreement for Stony Creek Ravine Nature Park Expansion project.
  • Unanimously approved Resolution 17-15 Regarding the Development of Property through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.
  • Unanimously approved the proposed Employee Benefits for the 2017- 18 Plan Year.
  • Unanimously approved the Planning Commission reappointment of Gary Kwapis for a three-year term expiring September 1, 2020.
  • Approved in a 6 to a vote, the Planning Commission reappointment of Anthony Scaccia for a three-year term expiring September 1, 2020 – Langlois was dissenting vote.
  • Unanimously approved the hiring of Young’s Environmental Cleanup, Inc. for the purpose of cleaning the storm drains at Fire Station #2, the Township Hall parking lot, and disposal of said goods at an amount not to exceed $5,000.

August 22, 2017

  • During the first reading of Oakland Township’s Zoning Ordinance 16, the Board approved in a 5 to 1 vote (Ferriolo was dissenting vote and Reilly was absent) the following modification to Section 16-323 HOME BASED BUSINESS: “that a business could be undertaken by the property owner and relative in the home or accessory structure without zoning administrative approval. Further, if an owner of residence wants to undertake a home based business with employees that should require zoning administrative approval.“
  • During the first reading of Oakland Township’s Zoning Ordinance 16, the Board approved in a 6 to 0 vote (Reilly was absent) the following modification to Section 16-402.02 SUMMARY TABLES, “Maximum Building Height to include 2.5 stories.”
  • Approved in a 6 to 0 vote (Reilly was absent) the Oakland Township Water System Operation and Maintenance Agreement.
  • Approved in a 6 to 0 vote (Reilly was absent) the reappointment of Brian Blust to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a three-year term expiring September 1, 2020.
  • Approved in a 6 to 0 vote (Reilly was absent) the Rez-Comm repair estimate not to exceed $9,500 for Fire Station #2 cement and catch basin repair

Richard Michalski