Oakland Township Water Iron Removal Workshop

As residents of Oakland Township, many of us are familiar with the issues related to the iron content in our public and private well water.  For the residents on public wells, the Township Board is considering whether a centralized iron removal treatment system should be part of the enhancements for the public wells.  The survey results from residents on public wells were mixed as to whether the residents wanted to have the iron removal feature added.  A centralized treatment would involve capital expense, as well as an operational expense, both of which would be responsibility of the residents on the public well systems.

There are iron removal options that individual homeowners have for private treatment of their water, regardless of whether it is from a private or public well.  These options will be discussed at a workshop that the Township is sponsoring.  Here is the information on the workshop:

  • Water Iron Removal Workshop
  • August 22, 2018
  • 7 PM
  • Location – Delta Kelly school located at Adams and Gunn Roads.

This meeting will provide information that could be of benefit to residents on either private or public wells.

The following two items give more information on this workshop.  It is from Township documentation that is not readily visible on their website:

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 9.57.26 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 9.58.18 PM

Hopefully, the Township office will make this information more visible on the official Township Website.  Please mark your calendars and attend if you are interested in options available to you for improving your water quality.

Richard Michalski

2 thoughts on “Oakland Township Water Iron Removal Workshop

  1. oldmoparman


    I don’t know why this is not on the front burner, but the Road Commission of Oakland County is going to really hurt the residents and businesses in the Adams corridor. I attended the “informational” RCOC meeting at Delta Kelly and was appalled at the arrogance and lack of understanding, the effects of their actions is displayed by the RCOC people. Specifically, I am referring to the roundabout they plan to put in at Adams and Gunn roads. The plan is to close Adams for the 3 months of summer, while school is out, so as to not interfere with the Delta Kelly school students during the school year. They say it is just a minor inconvenience and that it will be so much better when it is done. The excuse was that there were 10 accidents and 11 injuries in the last year, so they see that as a problem with the street. No mention was ever made about determining the cause of these accidents to determine the appropriate remedy. Originally, when Delta Kelly was built, there were complaints about the “high speed” traffic on Adams. A traffic light was proposed, but rejected by the RCOC, due to the $150,000 cost. Now, a few years later, they proposed a small roundabout at a cost of $1-2M. This was based on 15,000 cars a day on Adams and 2000 on Gunn. Most recently, the numbers have been revised down to 12,000 on Adams and 1200 cars a day on Gunn. I really question the Gunn numbers. But the cost of the roundabout has now ballooned to $2.2-3M! The cost is not a problem they said, because there would be all of this Federal, State, and County money to pay for it. The Oakland Township’s share would be only $700,000! The fact that ALL of these funds are taxpayer money, was irrelevant to them. Asking about a simple traffic light, the way they have to do them now, would cost $250,000. One of their big reasons for not doing a regular traffic light was lower maintenance in a roundabout. It will include an arcane, 2 light pedestrian activated, crossing traffic light for all of the foot traffic in this intersection like at Tienken and Livernois. No mention of actual numbers of people who will use it. Somehow this looks like the same level of maintenance! As far as this roundabout goes, they see no problem with diverting the bulk of Adams traffic to Tienken> Rochester> Orion roads. Apparently, they have never sat in a ½ mile backup in every direction at rush hours, in all directions, there now, so adding 8000 more cars to that mix will not be a problem! I have brought this up to Mike Baily and Dale Stewart, who seem somewhat resigned to it, because the RCOC has consistently ignored all correspondence and requests by OT to discuss this project. The township treasurer has also had no luck ever getting a formal request for money, so she can figure out how much and how to pay for it, since we do NOT have that much money available. I spoke to them at the weekly talk to the officials last Monday, and there doesn’t seem to be any plan to address this absurd situation. No one has ever spoken with Mr. Patterson, or City of Rochester officials about the tsunami of cars coming next summer that is also a major safety issue or the excessive cost fix. I fear that we will be on the hook for the $700,000 that will require a big tax increase, the mall at Silverbell and Adams will be killed financially by the diversion of traffic, everyone that lives north of Gunn will be driving at least 14 miles a day or more, for the detour, and the major difficulty it will be to get anywhere in this area. This is the ONLY other north-south route in Oakland Township. There are NO good alternatives. Besides the obvious, a simple traffic light, like at Dutton and Adams would force the Gunn traffic to not pull out unsafely onto Adams road and Adams would have to let the much fewer Gunn cars out. Especially if you had traffic cameras and No Turn on Red signs. Without any valid explanation for the cause of accidents at this intersection, it seems like a tax dollar boondoggle just to build an answer to a question that is NOT needed, for 10X more money! I was infuriated by the cavalier attitude and overall arrogance that they say they are the experts and know best! I actually proposed a common sense solution that they add another lane northbound on the west side of the intersection while they build the east side which requires more work and time due to the hill. Then when that side is done, switch traffic to the east side and finish the west side of it. They acted befuddled and said that they had never thought about doing that! The lame excuse of some roundabout someplace else, saw a dramatic % reduction in the severity of accident, has no meaningful corollary here without an equal numbers comparison. They also said this would be a “Traffic Calming” action in their Newspeak, aka a chokepoint! Adams does NOT need “calming”, since the speed limit was dropped to 45mph and high volumes slows traffic more, anyways. A chokepoint just causes 1/2 mile traffic backups. I am hoping that we can get a lot more citizens to understand the mess and costs the RCOC is going to inflict on Oakland, Rochester, and the residents and businesses in the Adams corridor! Sincerely, John Sanderson 3491 Mossbank Drive Oakland MI 48363

  2. richardjmichalski Post author

    Hi John, I have not been posting many things over the past few months for a number of reasons. I need to get more information on the proposed roundabout. Both my wife and I agree that something like your proposal would be a much better solution than the roundabout. As I learn more, I will try to put information on the website to help keep the citizens informed. Thanks!
    Dick Michalski


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