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Oakland Township Parks Master Plan input

Attached is a letter from Craig Blust inviting interested Oakland Township residents to participate in a Parks Commission Master Planning workshop.  If you are a resident of Oakland Township, and you want to provide your input on what you would like to see our beautiful Park system to include in the future, please attend the planned workshop.

Oakland Twp Residents,

    Oakland Township Parks & Recreation will be having a Master Planning Open House next Wednesday October 23rd from 2pm to 4pm or 6pm to 8pm at the township hall. Resident input is extremely important for the development of the master plan and our parks system. Please drop in and review the draft 2020-2024 master plan and updated maps of our parks.

     Hopefully you were aware of the online survey and were able to give us your input as well. The online survey closed last Sunday so that the information could be gathered and results could be available for your review at the Open House as well.

     If you live by one of the many township parks or if you just like using and enjoying the Oakland Township Parks, Amenities and Programs this is the time and place to give your input.

     You are also welcome to attend the monthly Parks and Rec meetings which are always open to the public but these meetings are more focused and specific to the items on the agenda for that evening.

   Master Planning Open House will be sharing all aspects of our Parks and gathering residents input that attend. Hope to see you on the 23rd. I will be at the 6pm to 8pm but both sessions will have all of the same information with staff to help and answer any questions that they can. The Email below from the Township has more information.

     The next time a Master Planning open house will occur is Fall of 2024.

Thank you,

     Craig Blust

        OT Park and Rec Commissioner