Dave Mabry – Candidate for Oakland Township Trustee position

Thanks for the opportunity to give you some information on myself and having it put onto your website.

  • Grew up in a very small village in the Irish Hills area of Michigan.
  • Lived in Oakland County since 1977, shortly after finishing undergrad and starting a career with Chrysler.
  • Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Math from Michigan State University.
  • Earned a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan.
  • Lived in Oakland Township since 1994.
  • Raised three children in Oakland County.
  • Worked for Chrysler/DaimlerChrysler/FCA for 42 years as an Electrical Engineer in the testing area of Engineering (Highland Park and then Auburn Hills Tech Center).  Retired two years ago.
  • Volunteer as a rescue diver for various boat races in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.
  • Avid SCUBA diver in the Great Lakes, and the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers.  I LOVE shipwrecks.
  • Never held elected office, so quite a novice at this.

The reason I am now running for the Board of Trustees in Oakland Township is a desire to give back to the community in which I was fortunate to raise three wonderful children and in which I held a rewarding career.

I am a small government, low tax, conservative.  All the work I do and decisions I make are through that lens.  Elected representatives should do what the term suggests.  They should represent the wishes of their constituents, to the point of pushing their own personal biases aside.  That is what I will do if I am elected to the Board of Trustees.

Thank you for your consideration,

Dave Mabry