Terry Gonser – Previously unreported 2017 incident with neighbor

In July of 2014, it was reported that a neighbor of Terry Gonser had requested a PPO (Personal Protection Order) against him.  Here is a previous post regarding the outcome of that request with the judge’s comments:

Unofficial Results of Personal Protection Order hearing against Supervisor Gonser

In December of 2017, there was another incident between Terry Gonser and that neighbor.  Here is a link to an article on that incident:

Article on Terry Gonser 2017 incident

Here is a photograph of Terry Gonser’s ‘booking’ for the 2017 incident:

Gonser Booking photo - 2017

Why is this important to the Citizens of Oakland Township?  As we consider whom to vote for in the August primary election, remember that most of the winner’s of the Primary election WILL be the candidates that will take office after the November general election.  That is true since there are very few Democratic candidate running for local positions.  There are no Democratic candidates running for Oakland Township Trustees, the position Gonser is seeking.

Do we really want to have Terry Gonser be one of our leaders?