Terry Gonser – more information

Over the past 4 years, there are many new residents and voters in Oakland Township who may not be familiar with some of the candidates.   In order to help voters make informed decisions when they select the leaders of our Township in our August primary, I have extended an invitation to all the candidates to provide their campaign information to be share with Township residents.

I have receive information from most of them.  Their information can be seen by clicking on the dropdown menu titled “2020 Election Candidates” at the top of this page.

For some of the other candidates who have not provided their campaign information, but have documented previous actions in our Township, I will be posting previous post information in the hopes that it will provide some insight into each of these candidates.

Attached is a video of one of Terry Gonser’s supporters in the 2016 election stealing rival candidate information when he was running for Supervisor.  He was defeated but is now running for Township Trustee.

Here is another video from 2016 summarizing the many issues with Terry Gonser when he was Township Supervisor.  All of the statements are supported with factual documentation on this website.

I hope these provides some help in making an informed election decision in the  August 4th election.

Richard Michalski