Daily Archives: July 5, 2020

Be an informed Oakland Township voter – learn about the candidates


Now that the July 4th holiday is over, many of you will begin to consider whom to vote for in the August primary.  Some of you may already be filling out your absentee ballots.  As you deliberate on all the candidates, please review biographical information provided by some of the candidates to this website.  Not all have provided information.  Offers have been made to all the candidates to have their information published.  We thank those who have provided the information, and look forward to receiving it from the others if they choose to provide it.

Please go to the top of this webpage, and click on “2020 Election Candidates”.  A dropdown menu will show up where you can click on the various candidates who have provided information.  You will be able to see their information.

Several candidates, who have not provided information, have some of their past Township involvement documented on this website.  You can learn more about them by reviewing that history.  These candidates include: 

You can click on each of their names and it will take you to a list of the past posts on this website where they are mentioned.  

Thank You!

Richard Michalski