Clerk candidate Anne Marie Rogers has history of “Breach of Trust” as Township official

The Township Clerk’s office has access to private information of Township residents.  The person who holds that office must be above any reproach regarding maintaining confidentiality. 

In 2015 the Township Board issued a resolution against, then Park’s Commissioner, Anne Marie Rogers for sharing Attorney Client Privileged with, then Supervisor Gonser and another Township Board members as well as private citizens.  The resolution was issued after an investigation by the Attorneys for the Township and the Parks Commission.  The resolution passed in a 6 to 0 vote.

Here are the words from that July 28, 2015 resolution:

 “There has been an inappropriate release of privileged and confidential and/or Attorney/Client protected communications which constitutes a Breach of Trust and is hereby repudiated.” and further “It is improper to fail to disclose any unauthorized receipt of privileged communications prior to entering deliberations pertaining to matters discussed in the communications.” 

Anne Marie Rogers is now running for the Township Clerks office.

The resolution also states that then Supervisor Gonser failed to disclose the unauthorized receipt of confidential material.

If you want to read the supporting information for this post, please visit:

Why is this important to the Citizens of Oakland Township?  The Clerk’s position requires absolute trust for the person sitting in that seat.  Past violations in ability to maintain confidentiality should disqualify a person from holding that position.  We have a person who has performed honorably as a Trustee, that person is Robin Buxar.  Please review Robin’s qualifications posted on this website, and compare that to Anne Marie Rogers record.

Terry Gonser is also on the ballot for a Trustee position.  Please consider his involvement in this incident, as well as the many previously reported issues regarding his leadership when you fill in your ballot for the August Primary.

Richard Michalski

2 thoughts on “Clerk candidate Anne Marie Rogers has history of “Breach of Trust” as Township official

  1. Candi Murasky

    Who exactly are you and are you lily white? Interesting how you come out of your worm hole the minute someone you do not like runs for something. Anyone that puts this much hate out to the public has a scary & evil agenda

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  2. richardjmichalski Post author

    Based on your comments, you clearly agree that candidate Anne Marie Rogers did act in an inappropriate manner. I have no “scary of evil agenda” for reporting on the candidates’ past public actions. The content of the posts is not filled with “hate”. They are all factual and well documented. If an opinion is expressed, it is in response to the question “Why is this important to the Citizens of Oakland Township?” The goal of the recent posts is to provide factual information Oakland Township residents can use to form their opinion and make an informed decision when they vote in the August 4th Primary.

    I have been a resident of Oakland Township for 42 years. For 27 of those years, I was a member of Oakland Township’s Planning Commission. I have seen the leadership of our Township change many times over those years.

    In 2012, the Township residents elected Terry Gonser as our Supervisor. His actions, and those of the Board, are well documented on this website. In 2016 the residents had an opportunity to elect new leadership for our Township. Based on the results of that election, they felt changes needed to be made. 2020 offers our residents an opportunity to make another change. Hopefully, the information provided on this website will allow them to make informed decisions.

    You can go to the “Home Page” of this website to get a better understanding of its history.

    Richard Michalski


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