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Oakland Township August 4th Primary results – THANKS FOR VOTING!

Oakland Township had historic levels of voter turnout for a summer election.  Thanks to everyone who participated in making it happen!

HERE ARE THE ELECTION RESULTS: (click on the images to enlarge them)

Supervisor position:

  • The Republican candidate in the November election will be Dominic Abbate.
  • The Democratic candidate in the November election will be Ralph Jessee Jr.

Treasurer position:

  • John Giannangeli – who ran unopposed

Clerks position:

  • Robin Buxar beat AnneMarie Rogers

Trustee positions (4 available):

  • Jack Elder
  • Dave Mabry
  • Lana Mangiapane
  • Andy Zale
  • Robert Patrician and Terry Gonser were defeated

Parks Commissioners:

  • All 7 Republican candidates won the Republican candidate positions for November

  • Lisa Fitzpatrick Sokol won a Democratic candidate position for November

OPC millage:

  • Passed handily


So, What lies ahead?  Historically, there have been very few Democratic challenges for Oakland Township positions.  As a result, the candidates who won the summer primary were the elected officials after the November election.  This year we have Ralph Jessee Jr. running against Dominic Abbate for Supervisor, and Lisa Fitzpatrick Sokol running as a Democrat for one of the 7 Parks Commission seats. As always, we will have to wait until the November election to finalize Oakland Township’s leadership team, but we will have some local choices to make when we vote on November 3rd.

Thanks again for voting!  We hope the information we provided helped you in making your decisions.

Richard Michalski

Reminder to Vote on Tuesday August 4th


Our next Township Leadership team will essentially be selected in that election.  Please click on the following link to review information on many of the Township Candidates.  

Remember, in this election, you cannot split your votes between political parties.  If you are a Democrat, consider voting using the Republican ballot.  Remember ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL.