Trustee candidate Lana Mangiapane misrepresents “Meet and Greet” meeting. Can you trust her as an Oakland Township Trustee?

The May 17, 2016 “Meet and Greet’ event that Trustee candidate Lana Mangiapane (and an undefined ‘women’s group’) set up was not the unbiased event that she claimed it to be.  Aside from the brief comments from two of the three Supervisor candidates, it became a forum for Lana to present information supporting Supervisor Terry Gonser’s attempt […]

Lana Mangiapani

Lana Mangiapani  has not provided campaign information, but you can click on the following link to read previous posts on Lana Mangiapani’s actions: Lana Mangiapani

Oakland Township August 4th Primary results – THANKS FOR VOTING!

Oakland Township had historic levels of voter turnout for a summer election.  Thanks to everyone who participated in making it happen! HERE ARE THE ELECTION RESULTS: (click on the images to enlarge them) Supervisor position: The Republican candidate in the November election will be Dominic Abbate. The Democratic candidate in the November election will be […]

2020 Positions and Candidates

THE TOWNSHIP BOARD POSITIONS The Candidates for Township Supervisor are: Ralph Jessee, Jr. – Democratic candidate Dominic Abbate – Republican candidate and current member of the Planning Commission The Candidates for Township Clerk are: Robin Buxar – Republican candidate and current Board Trustee member AnnMarie Rogers – Republican candidate The Candidate for Township Treasurer is: […]

Oakland Township 2020 Candidates

The 2020 Primary elections are scheduled for August 4, 2020.  At that time, Oakland Township residents will have an opportunity to select the Democratic and Republican candidates that will be on the November General Election ballot.   The positions on the August and November ballots include the Township Board officers and Trustees, as well as […]

Civility will return to Oakland Township! Our reputation restored!

Congratulations! Our collective efforts have been successful! Here are the names of the unofficial winners of the Oakland Township Board positions for 2016-2020 – pending the results of the November election: Supervisor – Mike Bailey Treasurer – Jeanne Langlois Clerk – Karen Reilly Trustee – Robin Buxar Trustee – Frank Ferriolo Trustee – John Giannangeli […]

Do Ann Marie Rogers, Roger Schmidt and Beth Markel, and their ‘slate’, deserve your votes for Parks Commissioners?

Over the past 3+ years, the actions of Parks and Recreation Commissioners Ann Marie Rogers, Roger Schmidt, and candidate Beth Markel, have raised questions in many citizen’s minds as to whether they are appropriate for any elected or appointed positions in our Township.  Their actions have been considered disruptive and counterproductive. Here is a video discussing […]

Parks Commission and Board ‘ticket’ candidates are recommending ‘NO’ vote on Parks renewal millage

At the June 27, 2016 “Meet-and-Greet” candidate event that Trustee candidate Lana Mangiapane set up, it was discovered that ALL of the Parks and Recreation Commission and Board candidates that were sponsoring this event are recommending a ‘NO’ vote on the Parks renewal millage.  They are running for office as a ‘ticket’   One of their documents […]